How much do you get paid?

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This is making me a little sad. I've been an LPN for 6 years and I make $19 at my LTC. I hope I start out at more than some of what people have been posting. I have one semester left in school for RN.


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$26.62 after 1 year, with $7 shift diff weeknights and $10 shift diff weekends in Dallas.


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Better RN salaries on the west coast are a direct effect of Union representation.


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$39/hr in New York City, 1 year experience. My starting salary as a new grad last year was $37.7/hr.


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My hospital is union ans our pay didn't increase, but benefits are better.


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In my 3rd year RN in ER, also my sole nursing job, Pittsburgh area, about $22/hr.

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New grad RN with 4 years of experience as an LVN in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas: $36 hourly PRN/per diem rate at a small rehabilitation hospital with $6 hourly differential for night shift.


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In Florida, as a new grad with no experience 25.10/hour with a 3.50 night shift differential


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Chicago, $26/hour starting pay as a new grad before $5 night differential. Yearly reviews for raises and yearly bonus.


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I work in L&D in Maine, 1 year experience, $25.87/hr plus $4.00 night differential

$30.59/hr in rural NC with 16 years experience, plus $4 night shift diff. I'm getting ready to go prn and will be making $35 plus shift diff.

I remember my starting rate as a new grad 16 years ago to be around $16. I think the new grads here start around $20-23/hr now.

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