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  1. I work in a fairly busy LAD unit, averaging around 300 deliveries a month. We recently closed our nursery and implemented the Newborn Admission Nurse (NAN). It has been a rather painful growth for us but we are managing. However, we continue to struggle with postpartum magnesium sulfate moms and their babies. We are being encouraged to leave the baby in the room with mom, even is she is unattended by family. This is not sitting well with many of the staff and I am struggling to locate any EBP articles to support the practice. What does your unit do?
  2. rdnkmommy

    Dallas...best hospital to work at?

    I'd be weary of Baylor McKinney. It's a brand new beautiful facility but I had three coworkers (L&D) leave Methodist to go there. All three were back with us within 90 days. It's pretty small and the nurses were being floated to med/surf and ICU!! Look us up when you move, we are always needing strong, experienced L&D nurses!!
  3. rdnkmommy

    TC RN license card

    No, they no longer provide an actual card.
  4. rdnkmommy

    What's the max dose Pitocin is allowed at your hospital?

    3x3 every 30, max of 42. I've maxed out more than once
  5. rdnkmommy

    Cervidil AND Pitocin

    Our head of OB has ONE study that reports no harm to patients. The hospital that conducted the study has since discontinued the practice. We haven't had any bad outcomes, but it's bound to happen eventually.
  6. rdnkmommy

    Cervidil AND Pitocin

    Anyone having physicians order cervidil AND low dose pit together??
  7. rdnkmommy

    L&D in Texas- suggestions?

    I work at Methodist in Dallas and we are in desperate need of experienced L&D nurses!
  8. rdnkmommy

    ADN program outside of Dallas?

    Trinity Valley Community College in Kaufman offers an LVN - RN program that starts every summer.
  9. rdnkmommy

    UTA Rn to BSN program

    I will graduate from there in December. Most of the classes are based on research, leadership, and management that is why there are no clinicals. There is one assessment class, but that is the only class that has anything nursing skills. The 5 week format can be intense but they have the program designed to perfection. No complaints at all!
  10. rdnkmommy

    RN-BSN online programs??

    I too gradauted from nursing school last May. I immediatly started the UTA RN-BSN and will be done in 13 days (but whose counting!!!!). Rest assured, it is NOTHING like nursing school. It can be a little time consuming with the paper writing but there is no studying and no tests, just weekly quizes based on your reading material. I highly, highly recommend this program. It was family friendly enough that I am seriously considered the MSN program now. Best of luch!
  11. rdnkmommy

    Tyler, Texas: Trinity Mother of Francis

    Tyler is way out there, country and just not very appealing in my opinion. It is very rural but it is the "bigger town" in East Texas. My friend works there and she likes it ok but the pay is very bad. She makes $21 (1 year after graduation) compared to my $26 in Dallas. Also, the night shift diff is 15% there and ranges from $7-$10/hr in Dallas. They offer huge sign on bonus, so that is a plus. I have noticed that other hospitals in this area do not offer these, so I have wondered if that is a warning sign. Bottom line = it's a paying job and gets you experience! Best of luck!
  12. rdnkmommy

    Dallas area hospitals

    I started at Methodist last year as a new grad. I did notice that they still had internships this year but there where not as many as last year. They start posting positions in January or February for the May grads. I have a friend that just interviewed last week as a new grad, but it was not a formal internship. Good luck!!
  13. rdnkmommy

    How much do you get paid?

    $26.62 after 1 year, with $7 shift diff weeknights and $10 shift diff weekends in Dallas.
  14. rdnkmommy

    Any RN working in L&D with only an ADN??

    I am an ADN that was hired in L&D last year as a new grad. Most hospitals in the Dallas area do not specify ADN or BSN, just based on my job search. I work in a large hospital that does not offer a pay difference for either degree, in fact I graduate with my BSN in December and will not receive any compensation for the degree. And just to add my $.02, my coursework for my BSN was strictly administrative. There was not extention of my clinical practice so I'm personally not buying the ADN is better/worse than the BSN.
  15. rdnkmommy

    Advice on SVE

    I feel your pain! I have been in L&D since October and still can't get 8,9,10. Huge problem when I can't tell when they are complete!! It is so frustrating and I am waiting for my "ah-ha" moment!