How many of your Pts have died in one shift

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just wondering numbers out there.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Fortunately only one. I have heard of other shifts having two codes, but fortunately not ever on my time.

lsyorke, RN

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My record is 3 on one 3-11 shift many years ago. All DNR's but still a horrible night. All died within 3 hours with the last one totally unexpected(the deadly valsava!) I can still see the look on Securities(they picked up bodies) face when they came up for the third one.


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One code, two deaths. I was charge nurse, so technically they weren't my patients, but it still was alot (all between 3p and 7p). Whew!

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Long ago when I worked in CCU we had two patients code 7 times in one night and they both ended up dying. One poor guy got tubed, put on the vent, heart played out, was put on pacer pads. If you decreased the MA, he was flat line but we couldn't get the doc to come in and pronounce him, saying that the wife would never know the difference (yeah but Wendy would.) Finally got the house doc to come up and pronounce him. Think the most I've ever seen die is 3 in one twelve hour shift. :(


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Recently we had 4 patients die in a 24 hr period...they were all chronic patients of ours who had been with us awhile. While it is hard to lose them and see their loved ones grieve, sometimes the pain of watching a slow, ' inch by inch' death is even worse.


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i work as a personal carer (i think equivalent to lpn?) in aged care while i'm studying to be an rn and a couple of weeks ago we had 2 residents die from the same unit in one afternoon. the poor girls on that unit were very upset.


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When working at the hospital many years ago in CCU I had 3 patients die 3 nights in a row and all in the same room...they were all expected to die but that didn't help....I was called the Angel of Death for a while....the next night I came in and they wanted to give me the patient in the same room again and I told them no.....I needed to have a different room that night and it broke the chain.....


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Based on my experience, only one but it was depressing for me.


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Been a nurse long time, consider myself lucky to never have had more than one death per shift. Have had quite a few shifts where I had two codes during the shift. In two of those cases the codes were at same time. Never lost more than one patient a shift in those cases.

Stephanie D

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I've had two of my patients die on me and I've only worked as a nurse for six months. It was a really depressing time for me.


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not something i would want to go on about.kind an eerie topic really. ick.

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