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How many nurses in your clinic?


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Recent threads regarding the trend to hire MA's to do the bulk of tending to patient needs in clinics made me think about the nursing ratios where I work. Honestly, I think they're pretty darn good! Now, where I'm seen at my GP office is a different story!

I'm in ophthalmology, 5 MD's, 2 optometrists. For staffing we have:

RN's 14

LPN's 0

MA's 2

Tech's, certified and non 15 (sorry, I didn't break that down further, since we're talking nurses)

There are also 5 reception staff who touch nothing in the back--no cross training at all

So what are staffing ratios where you are?

klone, MSN, RN

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I work at a community health center that has several clinics within it. There's a peds clinic, an adult medicine clinic, and a women's health clinic. Each day we have two providers (three on Thursdays), and we have two MAs and one RN (me). The other clinics have 2-3 RNs, because they have more providers on a daily basis, thus have a higher volume. But generally, the RNs at all the clinics have their own patient load, and the MAs are the ones who work directly alongside the providers.

Our front office staff are also JUST clerical. Back office stays in back, front office stays in front, there's no floating around.

BuckyBadgerRN, ASN, RN

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I work in a large multi specialty clinic and each department does it's own hiring. I have seen ob/gyn lpn's and lpn's from allergy in the break room, so our clinic does utilize lpn!!

sallyrnrrt, ADN, RN

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2 physicians

1 full time rn , me

3 rn part time




alternative med and family med clinic


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Two ob/gyn's. Two nurses... both of us LVNs. No MA's. One of the front office staff is also a trained phlebotomist and can also do vitals, dip urine. The office has been too busy to cross train her to help more in the back, help with other procedures. She did come back and help one morning when other nurse had to be gone. It is insanity and makes me pull my hair out on a daily basis. Front office has one check in, one check out, and an insurance person.

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I work in a private practice. 1 doc, me (LPN), 1 MA, and 1 receptionist


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We are one big family medicine clinic. Number of providers varies from 4-12. Ma's run the doc's flow, one for each, occasionally 2 ma for 3 docs, so their staffing is planned around the providers scheduled.

No LPNs.

RNs do mostly phone triage or proactive work with patient panels. We always have 5-6 RNs on board.

Like others who have responded, our front and back staff are not cross-trained.

featherzRN, MSN

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We have three providers and each has an RN, an LPN, and a clerk. Plus the boss is an RN and we have two LPN's in other roles that can help in a pinch. It's still busy! :)

Everyone is crosstrained so I might be a phleb or a front desk clerk if we are short.

Ella26, BSN, RN

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I am at a private practice Allergy clinic.

4 MDs

1 Office manager

1 RN (me) Nursing supervisor

3 LPNs

4 MAs

3 front office staff

3 billing

1 chemist to mix solutions

Everyone is pretty much crossed trained as well. The nurses do rooming, phone triage, and paper work. The MAs work in the lab and do x-rays.

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I work as Clinical Lead LVN our schedule is different every day HAHA

Mon- 3 MD, 1 PA

Tues- 4 MD, 1 PA

Wed- 5 MD, 1PA

Thurs- 5 MD, 1PA

Friday- 4 MD, 1 PA

*excluding our specialties doctors who comes once or 2x a week:D

Back Office Staff (No phlebotomy coz we do blood draws) :

LVNs= 2


Front Desk: 6


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A little late to the game here, but we have 5 MDs, 5 PAs, I think 8 or so MAs, and 2 dedicated X-ray. Then there is office staff, schedulers, referrals, billing, etc. I'm the only RN and work for only one of the MDs. The MAs room all the patients and do triage. I do secondary triage for my MD,coordinate patient care, follow up calls, wound checks, and I see his post-op patients 2 weeks after surgery.

I work in an underserved rural primary care clinic. We have two full time doctors and one part-time doctor that also works in administration. We have hired an OB/GYN but she doesn't start until the summer. I am the only nurse in the clinic who actually does nurse care (there are two other nurses, but they are in management and asking them to do stuff is sorta useless). Our providers usually have MAs that they work with, one screens and gives medications while the other one works with referrals and does patient education. We have an MA that her only job is to work in the lab. Across the street we have an urgent care clinic where there is also only one RN and three PAs, depending on their schedule. The RN usually works with two other MAs.