How many hours a week are you in class, lab or clinical?

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I'm not in nursing yet, but I hope to be next Fall. I was looking at the nursing classes offered at my school and I'm surprised to see that 1st year, 1st semester nursing students have 14 hours of nursing classes per week, while 1st year, 2nd semester students only have 4 hours of class per week! Maybe lab and clinical hours increase a lot the second semester. I guess this would make sense.

So I'm wondering how other people's school's work. How many hours a week do you have class, clinicals and lab? Are you taking other (non-nursing) classes at the same time that increases your time in class?

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Eleven years ago when I was in my first year nursing school, we had 8-14hrs (depending on placement/instructor) of clinical a week, 2hrs of skills lab, and between 10-12hrs of class a week. The numbers didn't change drastically between semesters. This was only with nursing classes, nothing extra.

I am finished with everything other than my NURS classes, so I don't have class time for anything else.

I'm first term nursing and have 2 classes - Assessment and Fundamentals. I spend a total of 14 hours we week in class and clinical. Next term I have 3 classes - Pharm I, Skills and Health for Women. I will spend 11 hours in class and 7 hours of clinical in that term.

The clinical time increases slowly each term until our 7th when we have 2 shifts that are 10-12 hours each. Classroom time decreases a bit over time as well.

I'm a first semester nursing student, in an ADN program. We only have the fundamentals class this semester :)

Anyway, I'm in lecutre 8 hrs a week, lab 5 hrs a week, and clinical 6 hrs a week. So, that's approximatly 19 hrs a week with some type of instructor...

But, as a class, we decided we would hold study groups daily after class; we take over the library for 2-4 hrs twice a week depending on the material covered in class.

That gives me 21-23 hrs a week on campus/at clinical. Oh, and then there's the independent studying, that never ends, except when I'm on allnurses! :)

I just had orientation a few days ago and I am supposed to start Jan. 10. I am taking a couple of other non nursing classes so I am not counting those hours, however, I will be taking two Nursing classes. We will have 9 hours of lab/clinical time and three hours of class time.

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I am a BSN student, finishing up my year of acute care content. I am in class for 9 hours each week and in clinicals for 20 hours. Studying and doing assignments, well that's endless!

6 hours lecture a week and 14 clinical a week im new so it will increase in jan.

This semester, 9.5 hours of lecture time for the following nursing classes: Maternity , Pedi, Geri and Patho. Clinicals are divided: maternity was 12 hours/ week (over 2 days) and Pedi is 9 hours/week (1 day). We do not have any labs this semester.

I have 4 hours of lecture, 6 hours of lab, and 6 hours of clinical each week for 16 hours total. Some weeks we have 12 hours of clinical instead of 6lab 6clinical. I am in my first semester of an ASN program.

I am not in clinicals yet, but my schedule this semester is as follows:

Chem: 4 hours lecture, 3 hours lab.

Foundations: 4 hours lecture, 3 hours lab.

Assessment: 2 hours lecture, 6 hours lab.

Humanities: 4 hours lecture.

In addition to this, we need to schedule at least two hours of lab time on our own. So my nursing labs take up 11 hours and my nursing lectures take up 6 hours. Including the non-nursing courses, I am in lab 14 hours a week and class 14 hours a week. If you factor in studying/reading/papers/homework, it's about 40-50 hours a week, depending on the week.

This is my first semester in ADN program. We have 4 hours of lectures, 8 hours of labs/clinicals, plus 3 credit online pharm class.

Next semester it will be 5 hours of lectures and12 hours of labs/clinicals next semester.

I'm a first semester student and each week I have (approximately):

5 hours of class

4 hours of lab

10 hours of clinical

I think it stays pretty much the same throughout the program, though in second level, there are 12 hours of clinical a week.

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