How long did it take you to get into nursing school?


So, I just applied to SFSU for a 2nd bach in Nursing and I am GOING crazy. :uhoh3: :eek: My friend (who just graduated with a BSN last year) said she would be surprised if I got in on the first round.

How long did it take you?

I know that nursing has now become an attractive profession and more and more people are applying, so it takes longer with wait lists etc. It's funny, though b/c I was reading a couple Echo Heron books and it took her 4 times (and that, I think, was before the "nursing rush").....


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I think it really depends on the school. My school doesn't have wait list -- it is GPA based, and you just reapply if you don't get in. From the moment I started taking my first pre-req, it took me one year. I took all my pre-reqs in the spring, applied in the summer, found out I made it that winter and started in the Spring.


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I was accepted first time, but had to decline for personal reasons. Reapplied one year later and was reaccepted.

Most of the CC's have lists of 2+ years.

Yes, it does take forever and it is frustrating but don't give up. I waited 3 years, but it allowed me to work and take all the pre-reqs before entering. It's a blessing in disguise. You really don't want to have to deal with anything except your actual nursing courses...those are enough to worry about.


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i love echo totally fantastic book intensive care!!!

not just because she's beautiful, just look at the back cover of the first edition hardback (don't judge a book by its cover lol), but really a good read and have given copies of this book to aspiring nurses.

i was tumbled and tossed in nursing schools with mishaps and failings, not all together the nursing school's fault mind you. and i can tell you it was like being on a waiting list too...actually, i would have preferred to have been on a waiting list for three years than be pummeled by the schooling process .lol!


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How long did it take you?

*** I decided to go to nursing school around the end of July. I called the local community college on August 14th and was sitting in nursing classes August 26th. I live in Wisconsin.

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I got in first round.

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I got in first round.

Me too. And my school is notorious for having to apply three and four times. I can't figure out why. My GPA is nothing to brag about.

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Lets see..the paperwork to enroll took me about 20-30 I would say 20-30 minutes to get accepted...way back when


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Got in the first time I applied, but I had all the pre-reqs done. My school is based on how many classes you had completed and your gpa, so there is no wait list. Just apply and they take 50 and if you dont' get in, do it again the next year. Have to apply in Jan for the next fall.


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I got in right away, first try. However, I did choose to go to private instead of a cc, they are higher, but I figure I will make that up my first year of nursing. I will be already done with my RN while everyone else is still waiting. I have been told it is stupid to pay more if I can save money by going to another college. But like I said, to me I will be finished in 2 yrs. while others sit on a waiting list waiting to save money. I will be earning. Not saying that is what you are doing. But all the other cheaper colleges have a huge waiting list. And this one doesn't. So I took it! And I am so excited. Do you have any other options?

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