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I graduated June 10. Didn't start studying for NCLEX until June 13 when my Kaplan classes start. I studied core content from June 13-23 watching lessons on demand + going to class to review questions. I studied an average of 6 hrs/day for 10 days.

After 10 days, i started doing Qbanks. I did 45% of the qbanks already.. haven't done QT 5,6 & 7. I scheduled my exam on July 15 but rescheduled it to July 7 because I feel like I am ready. Will be doing QT 5 today and 100 qs from qbank, 6 tomorrow and QT 7 on tuesday. I plan on not doing anything on Wednesday.. just relaxing and reviewing small topics or rationales.

Overall, I am studying for NCLEX for 3 weeks. I hope it's enough. :D


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I studied consistently for a month. By the last week, I was so over it and just ready to test... Not because I felt ready.. because I was burnt out on studying.


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I studied for ten days. During that time I studied everyday and did as many questions as I could. However, my kids were out for summer vacation so I had two pretty major distractions. It definitely worked out well for me to just take it. I ended up passing three weeks to the day after graduation! The least I studied was one hour/day and the most was 8 hrs. It cost me two new skateboards for the little people, but it was well worth it :)


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Did not study efficiently but managed to pass. Do not recommend "piddling" at it and putting it off over and over. Make an appointment, then get down to business. That is what I recommmend.


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I graduated on May 14th. I took a 5 day review course for 8 hours a day, and on my "days off" from that, I studied about 4 hours a day total. Not straight through, just doing about 150 questions and reviewing material as needed. I scheduled my test for June 11th and stopped studying around the 9th. My review class recommended a 100 hour study time, and I definitely did WAY WAY less than that. I'd say I probably studied for 20-30 hours total, not including the 40 hour review class.

Good luck and don't be afraid of the test! There's only so much you can do to prepare for it. If you feel that you know your content, go ahead and take it. There's only so many questions you can do, and none of them really are like the NCLEX at all.


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I graduated May 14th, took a 4 day review course the following week, took about 11 days off to have some fun, then and studied consistantly starting on June 3rd tilk test day on June 15th...took two days during that time. I do better when I am cramming for stuff rather than long term studying.

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