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  1. KaksRN

    Connecting the dots- Will it ever happen?

    Calm down! The most important thing to know/do is ask questions. I'd always rather ask and risk feeling like a fool than actually do something really foolish.
  2. KaksRN

    tele RN certification?

    Once again, I'm currently researching options for becoming certified. For some reason, as a tele nurse, getting certified as a Med/Surg nurse doesn't sit well with me. I feel like I'll be doing a good bit of studying for any of them so why wouldn't I study something more pertinent to tele? Anyone have any experience or advice in regards to the PCCN exam? or any other options?
  3. KaksRN

    Everything is our responsibility. Rant.

    It's as if nurses are the only ones with accountability. If labs weren't drawn, the doctors don't call lab. They call us. Call respiratory for a stat treatment and they'll "try to get someone up there" because its shift change. Never mind the fact that its shift change for us too. CNAs are on lunch break when it's time for lunch accuchecks. Never mind the fact that this is their second break of the day and none of the nurses have had any. Then the secretary has to step away and gets the charge nurse to cover the call light and phone. And then the charge nurses has to go count narcs with the pharmacy tech, leaving me to answer the call light and phone. Then the call light rings, both CNAs are at lunch and I'm the only nurse in sight. So who goes to patient? Needless to say, I can relate.
  4. KaksRN

    tele RN certification?

    I currently work on a telemetry floor but the certified RNs who work on my floor are Med/Surg certified. Is there no tele certification?
  5. KaksRN

    Travelers Conference?

    excited to get more info and begin my career as a traveler.
  6. if i had known then what I know now....... I wouldn't have done ANYTHING. lol. I know that's not what you want to hear but once you start, you'll never stop. Good luck!
  7. KaksRN

    BRCC Pre-nursing students READ

    yikes! what a nightmare.
  8. KaksRN


    i agree... BREATHE. you won't die (I was convinced I would...).
  9. KaksRN

    A Newbie RN's Greeting, Story and Thanks to AN!

    thanks for sharing your story :redbeathe
  10. KaksRN

    4th day on the floor and.....

  11. KaksRN

    4th day on the floor and.....

    thanks guys. I haven't looked at the article yet...but do you think i'm at any advantage because it was a needle used for a PPD (intradermal)?
  12. KaksRN

    4th day on the floor and.....

    Yes, of course, I reported it. I had to check into the ER for blood work. Can't sleep now, thinking about it........
  13. KaksRN

    Kaplan Question

    I probably would have picked that answer as well. However, I'm not surprised at the right answer. What did the rationale say?
  14. KaksRN

    4th day on the floor and.....

  15. KaksRN

    How long did you study?

    I studied consistently for a month. By the last week, I was so over it and just ready to test... Not because I felt ready.. because I was burnt out on studying.