How long to get ATT?


How long did it take to get your Authorization To Test from the Board of Nursing after your school released your information?

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Each state is different so it would help knowing what state you have applied to


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Hi, I am in Ohio also. My school sent our certificates of completion via Fed Ex on Thursday 3/24. Got my ATT Saturday morning (4/2). There were available testing dates as early as Monday. Took the NCLEX yesterday. Still waiting for my results but I tried the PVT and I got the good pop up! Usually in Ohio your ATT will take 1-2 weeks. Good luck!


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This varies from state to state and instance to instance.


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I am in FL and took me a week to get it


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Thanks all for answering. jmc107 - I wish my school was as responsible as yours... I hope the OBN can turn things around in a week!

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I live in Ohio, but didn't get my license here. Everyone I know waited approximately a month to get their ATT.


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Hi, I'm Applying my NCLEX-RN in Florida. I paid the application fee to BON and registered at Pearson last April 19.

How long (weeks) will I receive my ATT ?


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Took me almost 2 months. So frustrating!