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  1. My friend is in similar situation. What jobs did you apply after home health?
  2. hello, i know some good home health. email me since you cant pm me. bodyandsole@gmail.com
  3. hello everyone, I am asking this in behalf of my friend. She is a new grad foreign grad nurse and recently had a license but have no previous professional experience. Aside from organization skills, physical assessment, wound care and IV insertion. Can anyone share some of the most common Nursing Procedures in nursing homes? The purpose of this thread is to give an overview of common nursing procedures and skills a newbie RN should anticipate and as we all know that LTC orientation period is very short. The answers of forum member would hopefully lessen every new nurse anxiety and let them study ahead these common nursing procedures in youtube or Nursing Books.
  4. souleater11

    illinois suburban

    hello everyone, My RN friend have a hard time finding a nursing job in Chicago area. Despite she is a foreign grad with BSN, her competitions are US fresh grads RNs and experienced RNs who are typically chosen for hiring. Her last option is to job hunt in illinois Sub urbs area. Does anyone know whats suburbs are mostly hiring RNs with no experience ?
  5. souleater11

    licensure by examination

    hello Chizzy, Assuming all school documents, CGFNS forms and license verification have been received at CGFNS headquarters then it will take 3 to 8 weeks to process your CES report without the Expedited service
  6. souleater11

    Dialysis RN working time

    Hello everyone, I heard that Dialysis Technician starts working in Dialysis Clinic (Fresenius/Davita) at around 5 am . Does the Dialysis RN does the same ?
  7. souleater11

    Staffing Agency Payrate

    hello everyone, is it true that RN Staffing Agency payrate is low compare to working in a nursing home ? what are your thoughts about working in a Staffing agency?
  8. souleater11

    LTC Proper Assessment Skills

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to work in LTC facility as my first job. What discourage me working in this field is my lack of confidence in performing proper physical assessment on Elderly residents. Does Physical Assessment skills dealing on LTC residents vary from those hospital-base patients ? If you know some tips on proper physical assessment among geriatric residents, please share some website links or past forum threads or YouTube links. Thanks a lot.
  9. souleater11

    Bad Rep Work Place

    Hello everyone, I was hesitant to work at a Kindred Hospital (Chicago area) On the second thought - in a long term working history. if I look for my future next job in good reputation hospital: Does having a bad reputation work place history experience (in my resume) affect my chance of hiring to a good reputable hospital ?
  10. souleater11

    Kindred Hospital - Chicago area

    Hello everyone, what are your experiences or thoughts working in Kindred Hospital (Chicago area) ? I don't have any working experience yet I'm kinda hesitant to work between Kindred Hospital and a Nursing Home.
  11. souleater11

    Multiple Sending Resume

    hello everyone, is it appropriate to send multiple resume to a different job openong departments (Rehab, Pyschia, ER) to the same hospital ?
  12. hello everyone, is a nursing home or LTC with Join Comission equates to a great Nursing Management system (well trained nurse staff and good elderly resident care) ?
  13. souleater11

    Hospital vs. SNF salary?

    hello soski, i think Chicago hospital salary range from 26 to 28 dollars per hour and this depends on years experience and specialty. btw, whats the name of your SNF ? im curently job hunting
  14. souleater11

    Foreign Grad

    thanks, JNB btw, since i am a foreign grad: Am i required to take pre quisite courses or subjects before applying for a Masters degree ?
  15. souleater11

    Foreign Grad

    hello everyone, Im a foreign grad nurse from Philippines and im interested of Nursing Informatics as a specialty. I dont have a past formal computer or software formal educational background. Can i just an IT course online or it is required to be an IT course classroom ?