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hello everyone,

I notice most cover letter comes with advertised, posted or announced specific job position.

Is it appropriate to make a cover letter without an announced job position.

I feel frustated of the online applications and i randomly plan to submit a resume with a cover letter for unspecified or unannounced entry level nursing job but I dont know how to compose this in my cover letter.

Specializes in geriatrics.

You would prepare the same way for an advertised post. Target specific organizations and call them to ask the name of the hiring manager to address your cover letter to. Some websites will list contact information.

Ensure that your cover letter is concise. Get to the point in the first paragraph, as in: "I'm interested in a registered nurse position at xxx. This is what I have to offer, based on your organization's needs."

Look up the values and mission statement and work from there. Your letter needs to be specific about what you can offer THEM.

Make sure the cover letter is no longer than four concise paragraphs, otherwise you'll lose the reader's interest.

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