Common Nursing Procedures in Nursing Homes


hello everyone,

I am asking this in behalf of my friend.

She is a new grad foreign grad nurse and recently had a license but have no previous professional experience.

Aside from organization skills, physical assessment, wound care and IV insertion.

Can anyone share some of the most common Nursing Procedures in nursing homes?

The purpose of this thread is to give an overview of common nursing procedures and skills a newbie RN should anticipate and as we all know that LTC orientation period is very short.

The answers of forum member would hopefully lessen every new nurse anxiety and let them study ahead these common nursing procedures in youtube or Nursing Books.


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G-tube care, trach care, Foley care, ostomy care...all good places to start. :)

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IV therapy, PICC and other central line care, wound vacs, suctioning, hypodermoclysis (infusion of fluids subcutaneously), G-tube insertion, respiratory care including nebulizers and BiPap or CPAP.....don't worry, you'll NEVER "lose your skills" in LTC.


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Thinking quickly I can add suprapubic insertions and phlebotomy (some places require their nurses to do it).

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Urine dips (doing controls as well), Cutaneous blood glucose finger sticks, Fecal occult blood testing, Pulse ox. O2 administration, nebulizer treatments