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I have been an LPN for 5 yrs 2.5 of them in a LTC NH and the rest in LTC for mentally and physically handicapped. What I want to know is how doable would it be for me to cross over into hospital nursing? Would I be accepted? Would I be expected to know what they know or would they understand that my experience is limited? l am currently working on my RN thru distance learning. Would they have a lack of respect for me based on how obtained my RN? I have been told I should get some hospital experience now as an LPN because that would allow me the opportunity to learn alot while not being the top dog so to speak. I would love to hear your oppinions and advice. Thanks so much.


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I don't think nurses really care where you come from as long as you are good when you get there. By good, I mean eager to learn and a helpful team member. Some nurses look down on LTC, but they also probably look down on any area other than their own specialty (because they have the absolute hardest job in the whole world and no one works as hard as they do). Those people are just goofs.


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I really respect those who work LTC. I could NEVER do it!:eek:

I have worked with one nurse that came into the ER from LTC. THAT hiring I did not feel was appropriate; she had no experience what-so-ever in ANYTHING we did there. No ACLS, no TNCC, nothing. Even had a hard time starting IV's.

BUT......She was so willing to learn! She WANTED to learn! Luckily, we had some time to teach, though we could never leave her alone in the ER (it was a small ER/OP clinic) for us to go to lunch. At times it was hard on us, but she was a great person and we were glad to help her learn.

I say, DO IT! If that is what you want to do!


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I think you'll do just fine in hospital nursing if you, like the others said, are eager and willing to learn. I have been an LPN for four years and the first two years of that were spent at an LTC. I found that experience helpful in teaching me to organize my time and prioritize. The last two years, I've been at a hospital on a med-surg floor. I had a great orientation that lasted six weeks and was able to have a smooth transition from LTC nurse to med-surg nurse. Now, I have just earned my RN and am again transisting from LPN to RN, though its no big step at my hospital other than the pay. Either way, I think you'll do great as long as you speak up about what you don't know and ask for help.


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I don't work with LPN's. They weaned them out of the hospital years ago. I work with RN's and CNA's.

Do what you want!! Feel confident with whatever you do.


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I respect all nurses, no matter their specialty, unless they show me I should do otherwise. (e.g. rude, incompetent, etc). LTC nurses are certainly no exception to my rule.


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I very much respect LTC nurses. I floated to the LTC unit once. It was very hard. The load included 2 more patients, who I also had to worry about giving baths and bed changes to, myself. I don't know how they keep up with it. So, as mentioned, LTC keeps you very organized. I don't think you'll have any problem. The hardest thing for so many to learn is organization, and perhaps prioritization. Good luck and go for it!


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Thank you for all the replies. I dont think I will have any problem with willingness to learn or work hard and I am a very respectful person. I dont mind working hard or being told what to do. At the same time I do have a brain and know how to use it. I get along well with others. My weak points would be i am too much of a people pleaser to the point of making myself a door mat, though I am working on that one. The other weak point would be lack of confidence I think the only way to solve that is too jump right in and get alot of experience. I just dont want to hurt someone in the process because I dont know what I am doing. Anyway thanks again for the responses.


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Anglebear.... Dont ever be ashamed of being a Long Term Care Nurse.

Ive been in nursing for over 20 years. I started in Peds, went to Med Surg, ended up in ICU/ER, did a stint in public health and ambulatory care. Ive been in long term care for over 6 years. Like most hospital nurses, I never though I would ever do long term care. Now, I cannot imagine working anywhere else.

I work in a 566 bed long term care facility. We have all ages, ranging from 6 months to 102 years old. Our acuity level is close to what you would find in some hospitals. We have acute rehab, 2 respiratory units, pediatric vents, and speciality alzheimer's units. Our nurses work thier fannys off. Do we have some bad nurses? Of course we do, every facility does.

Just remember, being in Long Term Care is a special calling.

As far as moving to acute care.... go for it... you must do what makes you happy, but never, ever be ashamed of where you come from.

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I respect LTC nurses tremendously. It's not being a LTC that would cause any lack of acceptance where you choose to work. It's all about attitude. Come in with a can-do, positive, willing-to-learn attitude with lots of self-confidence and you'll do fine.

Also, demand and expect that you will get a thorough orientation, similar to what a new grad would get because it is a whole new ball game in the hospital. I've seen LPNs and RNs come from LTC are do fabulously.

I know you will to. Good luck!


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Originally posted by angelbear

Would they have a lack of respect for me based on how obtained my RN?

I am a former LPN, I am a grad of EXCELSIOR for my RN.

Distance students should not be scorned or looked down upon because the way we obtained our degrees took alot of persistance and dedication. There are many well seasoned nurses who I think could NEVER do what I did. How many people claim that you cant pass the "clinical" exam without hospital experience- I did it. I used my LTC residents for practice...........

I made the transition to the hospital after ONLY working in LTC for many yrs. I had done every and any position in LTC and resigned as UM of a 51 bed unit. The funny thing is that they offered me ADON position to get me to stay. I refused and didnt feel flattered at all- I had been used and abused over the years and really wanted a change.

My floor in the hospital is more med than surg and we get alot of LTC pts. Many nurses find them difficult but Im right at home with them. My LTC experience has been a blessing, I am organized and can deal with the chaos happening around me. The transition was a fairly easy one and now I feel pretty much comfortable.

My hospital will not hire LPN's but will hire new RN's and grads on permit. You might find it harder to get in a hospital as an LPN but worth a try. Lots of luck...............


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The hospitals in my area hire LPN's. To be honest I do want to work in a hospital be it now or after I get my RN but I truely would love to go back into geriatrics after I get some hospital experience. I am currently in LTC for mental and physical handicapped but my heart is really in geriatrics. I dont work it now because the current staffing levels in NH in my area make me fear for my license. Thanks to all of you for your responses I still dont know what I will do but I feel better just knowing hosp nurses are willing to work with those of us from LTC.

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