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How to handle something with a certain CNA

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I only work every other weekend, evening shift RN charge, at a LTC facility. On my particular station, there is me, a med tech, and 4 CNA's. The last weekend I worked, I was told these certain aides would most likely be on my weekends. They are all excellent workers and I've told them so...since I was feeling particularly thankful to them, I decided to go ahead and tell them that the only thing I might ask them to do that I have trouble doing, is vomiting. I told them if they could clean up a vomit mess, I would do bedcheck for them and clean up all the poop etc. (and I meant it too).

However, one of the CNA's has decided to make fun of me now and whenever I walk by her in the hallway, she makes gagging sounds and pretends like she is throwing up. I would like for her to stop because it is quite immature and I went out on a limb to admit my weakness. One of the other CNA's said this CNA was very fond of jokes etc. How should I tell her that I don't like it when she does that and I would never make fun of her like that?

The main reason I told them is because one resident on this particular station has a G tube and has a strong gag reflex and she threw up on my first night of orientation. If we give her a Dramamine at the start of the shift, she is fine....but the start of shift, is one of the busiest times and I may not always get down there to do that (the med is only prn anyway). So I've been taking one of the aides in there with me when I give her her HS meds, just in case. All the other aides are fine with it.

Any advice?

Blessings, Michelle


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She doesn't sound like a bad person and as you say she is a hard worker so I wouldn't recommend running to management because you might alienate her.

My advice is next time she does it just say in a friendly voice like 'hmmm that jokes's getting a little old don't you think?" Hopefully she would get the point but if she doesn't maybe just say to her that your really finding it a bit annoying and you would like her to stop it please.

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What's stopping you from talking to her? It doesn't have to be confrontational, you just need to say something like "ok, that's old now," or "you know Jane, it's just not funny anymore."

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Well, at first I would ignore it for a bit....like don't play into it..I might have even chuckled along with them....BUT, as a PP state.."the joke is getting old and I wish you would stop that" needs to be said.

We work together as a team too. My staff know that I will start vomiting right with them...call me when it is over and we are okay. That doesn't mean I avoid the pt all together...If I'm in there...I'm stuck, LOL. Funny thing is I spent almost all 4 of my pregnancies with hyper emesis......

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i had a CNA that did the same thing to me .. everytime i walked down the hall she asked me if i saw any good mucus lately ( i hate mucus and they all knew it ) .. it became very annoying and i was pushed to my limit....it's cute one or two times but after that ...annoying.....

she said it one more time.. i pulled her aside told her it was becoming very annoying and to knock it off...... she never did it again and it worked out well.....


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The CNA is obviously immature.Be nice but firm and tell her that it needs to stop. If you let it continue, she's got the upper hand. If it continues, go to management. ALL staff should be professional.

Some people are just immature! But I would pull her to the side and ask her can she stop with the antics it is inappopriate! If she does not stop then take further action!

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Maybe I'm in the minority here but if she isn't being malicious, and if she's friendly and competent, I would just chill out. There's bigger fish to fry, don't waste your time or management's time because a CNA is being jovial with you even though it may be irritating. If you feel it's such a problem just tell her to stop, that's all you have to do. However before I would get up in arms, I would try ignoring it for a while, things like that tend to blow over after a little bit of time.

If it bothers you that much and other ways of letting her know that you don't appreciate it don't bring the desired response, you might try telling her that you would appreciate it if she would act in a more professional manner. If she continues, then you can tell her that you are going to give her a written warning for lack of professionalism and follow up if need be. If you don't think it warrants a written warning, then let it go. After all, you didn't need to bring the matter up. Next time don't be so forthcoming; it usually backfires.

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