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This is my first semester of school. I am failing my Nur 108 Fundamentals course. How do you deal with the fact that you may have to take the class over again. I am completely distraut. I cried all last night and didn't even go to my clinicals this morning. I have to get a B on my last test which is 175 points out of 195 and I have to get a C on my final which is 240 points of 300 to barley pass the class. :cry:. I need your advice guys. I feel like such a failure. I even helped people study that partied the entire two weeks and crammed the night before and they still pass the test with a C and I got a D. How is that possible. It makes me so mad to know i studied my butt and and they did nothing and still passed the test. Now I may have to accept that fact that I might have to take this class over again.


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Well at this point you need to relax. Then start to put everything you've got into the end of the course. You never know, you might be able to pull it off. No matter what, you want to feel inside that you did your absolute best to pull this one out of the hat.

Work hard at it. Good luck.


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Don't give up yet. Do your best and give it your all so you can tell yourself that you tried. It sucks to fail a class- no doubt about it- but the fundamentals class is impt to know and I think you still have a good chance at pulling it off.

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Nursing school crams so much into such a short time that you could look at having to repeat a class as an *opportunity* to learn and practice more than you could the first time round.


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Hey butterfly82,

I was in your position before. I failed nursing fundamentals, but I passed it the second time around. I was terrified and even thought about doing another major. But I kept myself positive even if I had to sit out for one semester until I was able to get back and redo the class. Don't consider yourself a failure because you came this far to be in the nursing program. Don't let anything hold you down. Easier said than done but you are able to conquer this challenge! You can and you will!


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It makes me so mad to know i studied my butt and and they did nothing and still passed the test.

Skipping clinicals was certainly not a good decision. That was just another step backwards. Neither would i be wasting energy being mad that others can pass without studying. We are not all the same.

You made it into nursing school, which is a difficult task, so clearly you can make the grades. Now you will have to dig deep as the difficulty is going to increase exponentially. I think most nurses would say that nursing school was the hardest thing they ever accomplished.

Dont ever skip clinicals again. We all had to stay up all night doing pre-work and go in on no sleep. Failing one area does not excuse you to skip clinicals (in fact, just the should have shown up early!) There is a "weeding out" process, and you dont want to be one of the weeds.

Good luck!

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First thing: Not going to clinicals is only going to make things worse. Secondly, perhaps you should realize helping others is not going to help you. Nevermind everyone else, because they are not the ones who is going to take your NCLEX. Some people don't study well in groups. Taking the class over is not going to make you a bad nurse, however continuing on the same pattern--will. Hopefully you make it and stick with what works for you, because there are a lot more hurdles to come! Good luck.

I have been that position before. Dont let it get you down. Sometimes repeating is better because it seems like the next time around it really sticks and it is a beneficial thing. Just because you don't pass one class doesnt mean that you are not meant to be a nurse. Keep a positive attitude and keep your eye one the end result. All of it will be worth while.


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Thank you guys for all your advice. I feel a little better. I think I know what my problem is. I know the material i help other people study by teaching it to them. My problem is the critical thinking, and thinking like a nurse. That is where I struggle and why I do so bad on the test. Does anybody know of any good NCLEX where i can do practice questions. I have been searching and have yet to find any. Please any information would be helpful.


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Any bookstore and library should have NCLEX books to study from. Look through and decide which one looks best to you--I liked Saunders. Kaplan also has a book that can talk you through how to test; it sounds like that might be useful for you.

Nursing school tests are a lot different than pre-req classes and that can be a difficult adjustment initially. Something else to consider. I actually did better on the Fundamental tests I spent less time studying for. I knew the material, but too much studying can lead to reading too much into the questions. A lot of Fundamentals was common sense. Also, see if you can review your tests with your instructors to see if they can help you pinpoint a strategy. I don't think a B and a C are out of your reach. Good luck. Worse case--you'll already have a head start for next time :).

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It is true, you have to sort of pull to the side to help yourself. Sometimes, rehashing things with others can further distract you from seeing your own weaknesses. It is okay to get together with people sometimes, but it can't always be counted as a successful study session because you have to take the exams alone.

You are blessed, however, because at least your program will allow you to take fundamentals over again. The programs in my area will throw the student out permanently on the premise that if you can't get with the fundamentals, there is nothing to build on as it gets worse, so, I definitely say that your school has a heart in that aspect.

You never just may, in fact, pull this off. And, as mentioned, do not fail to show up at clinical. Some schools have a sort of invisible point system where they will take the clinical performance into consideration to bring into play if a few points are needed, so, clinical attendence is a MUST! I wish you the very best of luck. Also, consider purchasing Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN. I studied from the LPN version and read all of their rationales, whether I got the answers right or wrong in order to sort of see how they are thinking. Also did plenty of practice questions.

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you should be able to pull this out if you don't panic because all is not lost. unlike chem, algebra, pharm, etc. much of fundamentals is nothing more than common sense, not panicking and doing what seems most natural. much of what you probably learned as a kid will help you in fundamentals (as we used to call it.) skipping clinicals was unquestionably a dumb thing to have done but it's not unfixable. go to your ci and simply tell him/her (without embellishments) that you freaked out and panicked and is there a way you could make that day up? if you had been ill, they would have to accommodate you so they very well might let you have a make-up day. talk to your academic advisor too because sometimes they can run a bit of interference for you. do you meditate or do positive imagery? that can really help me.

my college professor husband has said so much depends on a student's attitude, class attendance throughout the semester, (he doesn't take formal attendance though) and how sincere the student seems.

if you already have a reputation for blowing things off (his words) it might be better go get a fresh start at another school. don't give up!


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