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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to start a thread for anyone who has applied for the HCA StaRN new graduate residency in Houston for Spring 2018. I know there are a few of us that have been wondering when they were starting to call applicants. Please feel free to share any information regarding the residency program, application status, etc.. I am sure we are all eager to hear something. Best of luck to all applicants!

Im glad im not the only one who is still waiting for that call or email.

Im glad im not the only one who is still waiting for that call or email.

Did anyone contact you regarding by when they will let us know something ?

They said late sept early oct. So should be soon.

Has anyone been contacted yet?

Still nothing.

Nothing here yet

I got an email this afternoon about a hiring event 11/14 for HCA StaRN

I also received an email about the hiring even 11/14! I have an interview time that day!

When HCA came to my school to talk to us about applying for the StaRN program they mentioned that they won't be making calls until early/middle November. I'm not stressing TOO much, but still hoping to hear back soon. :)

Hi everyone! Applying from South Dakota here (originally from Dallas). I feel a little out of the loop being all the way up here and I want to make sure I have all the right information. I applied at the beginning of last week after first learning about this program. Have the majority of you not heard anything yet? On the taleo app page mine says "not under consideration." I didn't miss the deadline did I? I can't find any contact info or anything of the sort online. Just wondering if this is accurate and I am not being considered for the program or if its just an automated response? A little worrisome.

I applied and received an email about the hiring event on 11/14! I will be there at 1:30 for an interview, hoping for the best!

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