Should I take the HCA Bonus??

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Hi everyone! 

I start my residency in the OR soon and as a bonus I have the option of taking 10K (pre tax) as a reward for accepting the position. I have yet to see the contract but I'm pretty sure there's a "you have to work here for 2 years or else we'll ask for the money back and hella charge it interest too" kind of thing.

So my ultimate goal is to Travel as an OR nurse. Should I not take it in hopes of being able to travel after my year? Or should I take it and gain experience for the two years at the HCA hospital then traveling after my two years are done? 

Here are my worries, what if I take it and the facility is unbearable but I'm forced to stay for two years. 
Or what if I don't take it and I don't feel ready by the year to travel so I stay anyways but I've missed out on the nice bonus? 

What would you do? Any advice would be appreciated especially if you've signed a bonus contract at a hca facility.

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I did not sign a contract as a new grad/OR resident, but I also was not offered a bonus. I felt pretty strongly about not signing a contract, for the same concerns you brought up. I think 10k is actually a pretty weak offer to hold you hostage for 2 years.

I will say this... a year into my position, I'm just starting to gain confidence in my skills. I would not feel ready to travel right now. A lot of travel contracts require two year experience, but not all. 

You are taking a chance on a new career and a new facility, so I understand not wanting to feel trapped. If you take the bonus, but end up wanting to travel before your 2 years are up, you will be able to earn back that 10k in like a month... I guess you just need to worry more about whether you want the ability to leave at any time because you don't like the facility/specialty. You could always take the bonus and not spend it and take your chances. I hope you end up loving it! Good luck with your decision.

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Be cautious . When hospitals are offering a 10K bonus to a new grad , I'd be very wary. Clearly they cannot hold onto staff. Sad to say , but HCA does not have a good reputation anywhere around the US ( you read staff complaining about them all the time on The OR Life on facebook) . don't tie yourself down either , especially if it turns out to not a be a great place or that you want to start doing travel contracts.

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I agree with RickyRescue RN in general. But I would say to take the offer and save the money in case you want to leave prior to the two year commitment. The reasons for taking it is because you need to start somewhere to gain experience anyway, so why not taking the bonus offered? (I have been in the OR at a level one trauma hospital for almost 2 years. Currently I'm still working full time there but per diem in the ambulatory surgical centers through a traveling agency). I feel I gain most experience from the hospital, especially in the complicated case & emergency surgeries. After the cruel trainings LOL, the ambulatory care surgeries becomes simpler and much easier at least for me. Hopefully you can find your way out:) 

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