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so im currently a highschool senior and i was wondering wether i should go to hbu or chamberlain i know i can get accepted into either of them but im undesisive on which one is better..:w00t:

hbu pros:


is well-known

has a bsn nursing program

hbu cons:

it is about a thousan or so more dollars in tuition than chamberlain

their bsn program is 4 years..

their application process is more lenghty

chamberlain pros:

bsn program is 3 years

cheaper tuition

new institution

good equipment

chamberlain cons:

is a colledge

fairly new program

almost as expensive as hbu but is not a university..

not accredited... :no:

so if anyone who is a student or was has any views on which i should pick please reply with reasons why you think one is better


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I went to HBU (graduated in 2008), but the program has changed a ton since then. There are also a ton of other nursing schools in Houston. You've got tons of pre reqs to do BEFORE nursing school, so it'll give you time to do more research on where you'd like to wind up. I'd avoid non accredited schools if I were planning on getting more education later.

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If it is a choice between the two, HBU provides a much better education. My organization (and most others) has data to reflect the fact that HBU grads are 'best of the best' in the Houston market - in terms of clinical ability and ease with which they fit into the workplace as new grads. Chamberlin does have a lovely new facility. I am sure that they will achieve accreditation, but the fact remains that this is a commercial school - subsidiary of DeVry - and as such, will never be held in the same regard as the traditional university-based programs in the Houston area (UT, TWU, Prairie View, HBU).

FYI, it usually takes ~ 5 years to complete a traditional BSN, with the first year devoted to completion of pre-requisite courses. This can be even longer if you have to take remedial (non credit) courses in order to qualify for college-level work.

I am a bit amazed by your comment that "I know I can get accepted".... you need to investigate this further. Admission to nursing school is extremely competitive. Just because the catalog says you are qualified if you have a certain GPA, does not mean that this will be sufficient. You'll be competing with a lot of other people for a limited number of slots. There may be 20 applicants for each opening. The school selects from the top down - this may mean that the lowest GPA admitted is actually closer to 4.0 than the minimum which is reflected in the catalog.

Stay focused and try to really max your gpa. Shoot for stellar results on your pre-college exams. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted on your progress.

Well i can get accepted into both colleges because i called and asked..So according to what most people are telling me HBU is my best choice..Also In Chamberlain i would not take 5 years they said its 3 years right after highshool no pre-requisites were they lying?Im also graduating highschool as a certified pharmacy technician :)So you mean that if i choose HBU i would take 5 years to graduate HBU is kinda expensive and unfortunately i have to pay everything out of my pocket no scholarships not because of my grades though i have honors and ap classes and a gpa of 3.4 ....So yeah its hard my dad dosent suppourt my decision to go to college or to become a nurse because he wants my colledge moneyMy mom would like to help but nobody in my family has ever gone to colledge x(

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Chamberlain is accredited.

I know i heard it is and then its not im confused x(

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Can be accepted and will be accepted are two different things. Nursing school is super competitive to get into. Also, HBU is very expensive, but there's definitely scholarships that most of the students in the nursing school can get, provided their grades are good. A 3.4 GPA can get scholarships for sure. Look into it, as well as the other nursing schools in Houston. You have tons of options.

Yeah I do I will try my best to make it into a nursing program!

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i think this is your answer

accreditation and approvals:

chamberlain college of nursing is accredited by the higher learning commission (hlc) and is a member of the north central association of colleges and schools, ncahlc.org. hlc is one of the six regional agencies that accredit u.s. colleges and universities at the institutional level. the bachelor of science in nursing degree program and the master of science in nursing degree program are accredited by the commission on collegiate nursing education (ccne, one dupont circle, nw, suite 530, washington, dc 20036). is accrethe associate degree in nursing program at the columbus location acredited by the national league for nursing accrediting commission (nlnac, 3343 peachtree road ne, suite 850, atlanta, ga 30326). accreditation provides assurance to the public and to prospective students that standards of quality have been met. ac0107.

chamberlain college of nursing, 2450 crystal drive, arlington, va 22202 is certified to operate by the state council of higher education for virginia, 101 n. 14th street, 10th floor, james monroe building, richmond, va 23219. chamberlain college of nursing has provisional approval from the virginia board of nursing, perimeter center, 9960 mayland drive, suite 300, henrico, va 23233-1463.

program availability varies by location. chamberlain reserves the right to update information as it becomes available. information is current at the time of publication. for the most updated accreditation information, visit chamberlain.edu/accreditation. comprehensive consumer information is available at chamberlain.edu/studentconsumerinfo.

chamberlain college of nursing, llc is a part of devry inc. (nyse: dv), a global provider of educational services.

student consumer information

Does anyone know what is the average GPA for HBU that gets in.. or hessi scores?

Hello. I am a recent HBU grad..or I guess a current one. I graduate this week. HBU nursing school still provides a quality education that is recognized with respect for producing quality nurses. HBU recently updated their nursing lab and equipment, so they also have that in common with the Chamberlain College.

Priscilla_diaz- The minimun GPA for acceptance into HBU nursing program in 3.0; however, the competitive GPA is 3.5 (both overall and in sciences). Having at least 12 credit hours from HBU itself also helps greatly to increase your chances of getting into the nursing school itself. I am not sure about the entrance HESI scores.

I am so confused on what to do. First off I'm classified as a Junior at the University level. I am currently enrolled in NURS 3303- Acute Care Pathophysiology and NURS 3205-Professional Concepts of Nursing at The University of Texas at Tyler. I plan on applying to UT Tyler's nursing program for the Spring semester but I don't want to put all my hopes in one basket so I applied for Admission into Houston Baptist University a couple of days ago. They told me to submit my transcripts and my HESI scores. I currently have 65 hours completed in coursework and my HESI scores are as follows: Reading:90%, Math: 82%, Grammar 86%. My Nursing GPA is a 3.4 while my coursework GPA is a 3.45. I made an A in Chemistry, an A in Microbiology, an A in General Psychology, an A in Human Growth and Development, a C in A&PI, and a B in A&PII. I have a 3.6 overall GPA and ill have an ASSOCIATES DEGREE IN ARTS in August of 2013. I am currently taking my last nursing science (Nutrition) which will be completed before the summer ends. What I want to know is...what are my chances of getting accepted into HBU's Spring of 2013 class of Nursing with the scores and academic stats that I have provided?



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