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I've posted before about my husband being terminally ill and complications that have come up, but this is the worst it has every been. Currently in ICU with ARDS and sepsis, placed on dialysis... Read More

  1. by   tencat
    Joey, it's good to hear from you. As others have said, I think of you often and wonder how you guys are holding up. I think it's great that you are going to counselling. It can be so helpful in trying times. I also think that it's great that you are volunteering with Hospice. You are a strong lady. I will keep praying that God give you and JoEllen the support you need. You might feel lonely, but you're not alone. :icon_hug:
  2. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from tencat
    You might feel lonely, but you're not alone. :icon_hug:
    amen to that tencat!

  3. by   perfectbluebuildings
    It's good to hear from you again Nursejoey. You're so strong and faithful. Prayers continue for you and your daughter. I hope you're able to get that job at the surgery center. Take care and keep coming back here, we are "here" for you as much as it's possible online. :icon_hug:
  4. by   MMARN
    Good job on your job interview and that test. You will do fine. You'll see. God bless you.

  5. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    Your strength amazes me. What an incredible mother you must be! I hope you realize just how much inner beauty you possess.
  6. by   nursejoey05
    Hi everybody. My interview went well today. Even if they don't hire me, the experience is good for me. Sometimes I have to hear me talk about what's good about me in order to remember that I do have a lot to offer. Boards on Tuesday. I say we go on a prayer and fasting vigil. I took a practice test last night. Got only 61%. It said I was "lacking essential nursing knowledge". That was painful. Not a confidence builder! Remember me Tuesday at 10am. I can not have come this far to fail my boards!
  7. by   leslie :-D
    hi sweetie!!

    will keep my fingers crossed about the job;
    and don't sweat it about the boards......you know alot more than you give yourself credit for....even if 2 or 3 answers seem appropriate, pick the best answer.
    and yes of course, i will be thinking of you tuesday morning with nothing but good thoughts and prayers.:icon_hug:
    are you still volunteering at hospice? how's joe ellen doing? still think of you often and with tenderness.

    your friend in God,

    leslie xoxo
  8. by   live4today
    Quote from nursejoey05
    hi everybody. my interview went well today. even if they don't hire me, the experience is good for me. sometimes i have to hear me talk about what's good about me in order to remember that i do have a lot to offer. boards on tuesday. i say we go on a prayer and fasting vigil. i took a practice test last night. got only 61%. it said i was "lacking essential nursing knowledge". that was painful. not a confidence builder! remember me tuesday at 10am. i can not have come this far to fail my boards!
    (((((((joey))))))) you and your dd have been in my prayers, and will remain in my prayers in the weeks ahead. just remember this...god doesn't ask us to be strong, so you don't have to present a strong front for anyone. he is our strength when we are weak. let him continue as your strength, your help, your husband and father; and father to your dd as well. just let each day be a breath at a time, a task at a time, feel what you feel, cry when you feel like crying, and always know that we are here for you in whatever way we can be. i'm glad to hear you and your dd are in counseling to help you through the grieving and readjustment period since your dh's death. when you go to take the nclex, just let everything else go, relax as much as you can, and draw on what you know that you know. and if you have to repeat the exam........so what...so be it! you've dealt with so much of late, so don't beat yourself up over any regrouping that you need to do. :kiss :flowersfo :icon_hug:
  9. by   compassion1
    Joey, I pray in agreement with Cheer. I will have you in thought and prayer on Tues. Remember, God is your strength and He will never never leave nor forsake you. He'll be right beside you as you take the test. And we'll be here for you. Keep us posted, OK?
    Love ya!
  10. by   nursejoey05
    I know you're all going to tell me that everyone says the same thing, but...

    I don't see how there is any way on the face of this earth that I passed my boards. Completely not what I expected.

    We'll see...
  11. by   CrunchRN
    You know what? I truly hope you did, but if you didn't that would be totally understandable as your life has required every ounce of your mental energy. You can always take NCLEX again if needed. You may need to give your thought process a little bit of recovery time after the high stress levels. I really, really hope you passed, but if you didn't, i know you will the next time. Please, please give yourself a break.
  12. by   chadash
    Wow! I am amazed at you. The fact you even had the strength to take the boards at all.
    I will be praying that you passed, but as the last poster said, don't despair! You can take them again!
  13. by   cndynf
    Hello Joey,

    I've been reading your posts from the beginning. You have been through a lot. And you are a very, very strong person, Our Lord have given you strength and courage to get you through this stressful situations. I wish you good luck on the NCLEX-LPN. I wish you all the best that life has to offer you now and more .