Honors program in BSN worth it?


Anyone been in an honors program in a BSN? We are allowed to apply if we have a minimum GPA, I have that GPA but am trying to decide if it's worth applying!

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I did it for my own edification. Helped a little when I applied to MSN program in same school later. Who else will know once you graduate?

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I was thinking of doing this for my BSN as well. I was in the honor's program for my associates and figured I might as well get it for the BSN. I think it will help when I apply for graduate programs :)


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I think te ont real benefit could be for any future furthering of your education. But, really....the vast majority of people in MSN/DNP programs were probably not in honors programs and apparently got in.

I only know one person who's completed the honors program at my school. She's proud of it, but I can't see any other benefit to the extra stress and work. She didn't work during NS to accommodate the extra academics, and in my area, if you don't work at a hospital, good luck getting a job. So she's currently unemployed like everyone else.

Okay, thanks everyone. I am currently in the honors program at the school I'm transferring out of and I have gotten kind of a sense of pretentiousness from it that has been sort of a turn-off, so while my inclination was to not apply for the honors program in the BSN, I wasn't sure if it might have some benefits I wasn't thinking of. I appreciate your feedback. At the school I'll be attending, the honors program curriculum adds research courses and a thesis. I think I would rather get involved in research on my own time, and potentially paid rather than for credit, and have the option of using my time doing other activities if I decide more research experiences isn't for me. So, I think I'll skip the honors program application. Maybe it would be different if my goal was PhD rather than NP. :)

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I am in the honors program in my CC but will not be joining in my BSN bridge. It benefits me greatly now (full scholarship, graduating with honors, early enrollment, etc...), but I'm not concerned with those things once I bridge. Plus, I won't have the time for the extra work.

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Anyone been in an honors program in a BSN? We are allowed to apply if we have a minimum GPA' date=' I have that GPA but am trying to decide if it's worth applying![/quote']

Your school's honors program: If you want to go to grad school or work in research, it's worth it.

National honors society: if you are going to work as an RN is worth it to have on your résumé.

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If it gets you extra support (& mentorship) for doing a project that will further career, it might well be worth it. That project could be the start of a major career focus. Some people have used such opportunities to launch their careers, giving them an advantage in competing for future career opportunities.

Personally, I would probably do it for that reason. You never know what career advantage you may appreciate in the future.


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I just graduated with my BSN and I participated in the honors program. It's definitely not for everyone.. it added work and stress, but I am so glad that I did it. I wouldn't even say I have a huge interest in research, but it was such a unique experience I was proud to be a part of and it allowed me to get very close to my Dean and faculty mentor and I know they will give me excellent references. Only 10 students were invited to the program and we only had 6 at the end.

I don't know what other honors programs entail, but junior year we had to find a faculty mentor, learn about their research and complete a literature review. Senior year involved the most work -- participating in the research the faculty was conducting (in whatever phase they may be in...mine had already completed a lot of work, so it lessened my commitment and gave more time for discussion/analysis of data), and then presenting a powerpoint at "honors research day" and answering questions from the audience.

Overall, it never hurt my academic performance, I had a great experience with my mentor, and it was a great accomplishment to wear a special stole at graduation! I think these programs vary greatly by schools though!

I am planning to apply to PMHNP MSN graduate school... still not sure. My main concern is that it might affect my ability to work a part-time job. But, at the end of the day maybe experience is more important than a little extra cash.

Someone decide for me please?? I suppose I could apply and just decide if/when I get in.

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Working a hospital internship/job is about a billion times more valuable than having "honors" on your degree. Magna or Summa on a degree is worth far more to a graduate admissions officer than Cum Laude with honors.

So, what I am saying, is if you can do it all, do it all, but don't sacrifice anything else for honors. I ditched the honors program I was in to do an ICU internship and graduate Magna.