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  1. What are the toughest classes in nursing school?

    I thought the hardest class in the first year of my program was pharmacology because we had to memorize so many drug names and physiological mechanisms. It was very time consuming. NCLEX-based med-surg classes CAN be very difficult because often time...
  2. Just got done with my junior year of nursing school :) Just two semesters to go. I'm thinking about taking the GRE over the summer so that I can apply to some graduate programs that would start right after I graduate. I want to be a PMHNP. Is anyone ...
  3. Patient wants to connect on LinkedIn

    Did you read the OP? She said that the patient was a nurse who was impressed by the student's care and wanted to keep her as a professional contact.
  4. Patient wants to connect on LinkedIn

    Overshare how?
  5. Did I violate HIPAA?

    Thanks guys. I definitely learned from it. It's been a couple of days now and no one has said anything so I'm guessing I won't be kicked out of clinical for it.
  6. Did I violate HIPAA?

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. One main question is whether visiting unit census pages even comes up in their auditing software. But it sounds like even if it does become apparent to the auditors that I visited the psychiatric patient census page...
  7. Did I violate HIPAA?

    Thanks so much. I can't fall asleep because I'm so worried about it. It just didn't occur to me at the time that it was sort of a violation... like you said, my intention was to learn and I was in learning-mode. It sounds like I probably won't get ki...
  8. Did I violate HIPAA?

    I'm a junior nursing student. I was chatting with another nursing student on the med-surg unit and we wondered if it was possible to look up psychiatric patients (we are both interested in mental health nursing). So I went to the patient list of the ...
  9. I'm planning to work for a year before going back to NP school. How do you explain something like this in a job interview? Or do you just say "I'm not sure how long I'll plan to be there, but at least a year"?
  10. Can they give you clinical times on weekends?

    I go to a day program at a university. I suppose I can call and ask.
  11. Nursing PhD salary?

    Haha. I got those numbers by looking at my state salary search. PM me if you want to know which school this is.
  12. Will BSN programs sometimes give you clinicals on weekends?
  13. MSN (NP) @ NYU

    Jerseygirl, thanks for the info! It doesn't say how many semesters the programs take to complete f/t. With 48 semester credits, I'm guessing it's either 3 or 4? Did they tell you? Thanks!
  14. MSN (NP) @ NYU

    Hi, does anyone know how many semesters is the psych NP program at NYU? Doesn't seem to say on their website. Thanks.
  15. Nursing PhD salary?

    I mean, as a professor at a U. Thanks for the feedback. :) I know at my U they make 80-170k, I imagine this is high? I go to a state school with a strong nursing program.