homehealth nurse in heels & scrubs while working!?

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I am a HH nurse assistant and when I go to work , I occasionally run into a nurse (RN) that wears heels with her scrubs I mean real High heels. She wears scrubs with big hoop ear rings and messy hair. And shes rude also , l and she parked next to me one time , and in her car she had paperwork scattered everywhere . Just to let you know we DO NOT work for the same agency and do not work on the same account/ case. I can not believe how incredibly unprofessional some nurses can be . Is this odd or is just me ?


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:yeah:Kudos to you for noticing how unprof. this nurse comes across. Call me old school, but I think we as nurses need to take pride in how we carry ourselves. I don't think that this is the norm, but you will come across some nurses, that, well to put it right out there, don't seem to care anymore. Always remember, first impressions have a lot to do with what kind of raport you have with your pt., especially when you work in the home enviroment. I work for Hospice, and would not even entertain the thought of wearing heels, or hoops to work. Those hoops look tooo inviting to a combative pt. with dementia.

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heels and scrubs...this does not compute!



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Yeah same here ?

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The papers all over the car thing, well, as a neat freak, I'd have a hard time with that. But, I do know that some people function better that way...sort of an organized chaos, so I would probably attempt to reserve any judgment on that.

Hoop earrings are easy targets.

High heels don't "go" with scrubs.


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Although I don't wear heels or hoops I find it amazing that you would care about what someone else wears enough to post and complain about it. You don't work for the same company, or on the same case. She might be the kindest nurse in the world, but darnnit, her car is messy!

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It is really up to her supervisor to talk to her about this. I agree with you though, it only takes one to make us all look bad. Sounds like she is the type that would rather wear street clothes, so she tries to be a fashionista while on duty. I have worked with some doozies over the years- long expensive manicured nails, makeup to rival Tammy Baker, black underwear showing through. I always wonder where they get their ideas that these things are appropriate. I can only blame it on the nursing schools who did not teach them well enough, and the managers who turn their heads. But alas, I am old fashioned. Even if I am not beautiful I am clean, with hair pulled back, ironed scrubs, short nails, sensible white shoes, little makeup, and white underwear. If it is any consolation, home care patients do not get too concerned about these things. I have been in home health for 21 years and patients are a lot more concerned with how they are treated than how a nurse looks- unless he/she smells of BO, cigarettes, or strong perfume. Then they get a little upset.


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I agree that the heels look pretty unprofessional, especially with scrubs.....but better than the home care nurse from another agency I know who dresses like a hoochie-momma with skimpy clothes and stiletto heels.....

As to a messy car....mine currently looks like a bomb filled with papers, alcohol prep pads, and empty fast food bags exploded inside. Amazingly, I do know where everything is....

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I'd call it odd and unprofessional


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One time while I shopping I saw a nurse with exposed tattoed on her breast,and high hills,sprayed platinum blond hair everyone was looking at her and it was seriously gross!! But they do exist!!!!

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