Tell me about your homecare laptops

  1. Budget going in to put our homecare nurses on laptops. I would like to know what systems are out there being used. Are nurses adapting to the change? Do they really save time?
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  3. by   Furball
    Hi PattiRN

    Where are you in NY? I used to work homecare in Washington Co...(north of Albany) we used was great!! Trying to remember the name of the program but I'm drawing a complete blank! If I think of it I'll let you know.

    Good luck!
  4. by   RNConnieF
    Gateway puts together a great laptop for not a ton of money. Documentation is good, set up is easy, tech support is a joy. Hubby's work (a school teacher) issued all teachers a Gateway a few years ago and just re-issued them new puters, all Gateways. If 9 school districts agree then it must be a great product.
  5. by   sunnygirl272
    we use fujitsu..some of them are nearly ready to be admitted to hospice..hahaha...we have had some of them about 2 yrs...

    as far as documentation program we use pathways...well, it's called horizon it alot, it's not totally perfect, but there is the capability to do forms editing...if someone has time to has improved efficiency, everyone likes them...very stressful at first, esp for the cyber-illiterates...we made it through and are a host agency for mckesson-hboc to show off the pathways/horizon program...mckesson hboc will set it up for you to go visit agencies that use their product to see it in real action...come see us, i bet we aren't that far from you...
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  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    My agency is implimenting HBOC Pathways. Going live 8/19/02.
    NOW I know who to contact for assist!!!
  7. by   sunnygirl272
    yup karen...anytime!!!
  8. by   CardioTrans
    The company I used to work for used HBOC....... fairly user friendly once you knew where all the screens

    Karen Id love to know how you like HBOC when you get it up and running.
  9. by   PattiRN
    Hey Furball...I live north of Albany. Laptop program my agency is looking at is Clin-doc compatible with 3M system???? Anyone know anything about this?

    Karen how is your system working?
  10. by   sphinx
    At my agency, when we went to lap tops (a couple years ago? before I started there), we have been using Lotus notes for all our oasis stuff, and docplus for everything else....but docplus being an ancient dos program, which is no longer supported, we are finally getting rid of it. We've been training, and go live using mysis a week from tomorrow. Looks like it'll be great, once we are up and running.....but sure to be a heck of a ride getting started! Ugh! Not looking forward to next week!
  11. by   NRSKarenRN
    Begining to like Pathways Fast Pad for intake. Client Mainteenance yet to be mastered. Lots more detail needs to be entered into multiple screens for insurance verification than we are used to. Have pushed back for two weeks going live on laptops. Workin 10 hrs to get all info into system but I'm catchin up. Agencys have had 790 clients admitted all agencys since 9/1 and 600 have complete info loaded. Think that's pretty good with 3 FT RN writing up info, 1 verification clerk and 2 clerks entering info!
  12. by   nightingale
    How is the system holding up Karen? Is it user friendly?

  13. by   sphinx
    A couple posts back I posted about our agency going to MYSIS. Does anyone else out there use it? It's been a nightmare! There's a lot I like about it, but we have had one problem after another implementing it. It has added so much time onto our day. it's not like I don't know *how* to use it, i caught on right quick! We have just run into bugs and bugs and bugs! We were in beta for well over a year, so I don't get it, why the problems? If anyone else uses it, I'd be curious to know your experiences.
  14. by   hospicenurse
    I just spent a week training to implement MYSIS in our HHC/Hospice agency. Unfortunately, our corp. will not be using point of care- they won't invest in laptops. Used Pathways in the past on laptop and liked it (the corp who bought us actually trashed our laptops and put us back on paper :angryfire ). I think MYSIS has a better windows layout than the old Pathways - it's easier to find things. And our geeks built us templates to use. For example, there is a referral template which pulls up tabs for everthing you need to enter for a referral. Same for admissions. But OASIS is a total drag no matter how you have to do it - I am so very glad that I am clinically in hospice and don't have that bear to deal with! The weakest part of MYSIS, imo, is building the 485 - specifically "Problems" - the goals and interventions. It might just be how our corp has it set up. It is being tweaked right now and may be easier once we have what we need in place to choose from. Another big issue is that the entire system is date driven - and it defaults to todays date on everything! Every med that goes in, every order, charge etc. Fine if you are doing point of care. Not fine for the people putting in charges, etc. And especially problematic when you are initially transferring all your patients, staff, etc over into the system. For example, when you enter an MD as a resource, his date must reflect the very earliest pt admission date, or it won't generate a 485.

    We start training our data entry and billing staff tommorrow - I'm sure I can tell you more as we go along.