1. does anyone have any input in Bayada? if you have heard of it, of course. I am a FT CNA and was looking into working a few extra hours a week doing home care.
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  3. by   wonderbee
    Bumping this back up. I too am interested in feedback about this company. I've got a recruiter from their company that I'm talking with. Thanks!
  4. by   Elektra6
    Bayada is the first homecare agency I've worked with. I've been working with them for about 5 months now. They are very professional in all ways. My training was excellent. They let me have a lot of time precepting on cases before I went out on my own. The pay is good. The nurses I meet are all long-term employees from 5yrs to 20yrs. I would give them a try.

  5. by   jlcole45
    Hi all I am looking into working for Bayada Nurses - they have a strong home health presence in my area. Does anyone have any experience with this company? I would like to hear the good and the bad.

    Thanks :spin:
  6. by   jnette
    Never heard of them, and I am in the BR mtn. area myself.

    Perhaps some one else knows ? Sorry I can't be of help.
  7. by   jlcole45
    Bayada is a large international nursing company - I knew of them by way of traveling nurses but I've not worked for them.
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    They are very BIG in my area as headquarters just over the river from Philadelphia. Well respected, Have both private duty and skilled intermittent care.

    Ann and Mark Baiada owners gave the 2007 commencement address at my alma matter Neumann College and received honorary degrees.
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  9. by   caliotter3
    Haven't seen their presence on the west coast.
  10. by   caliotter3
    Bumping this up so that a recent thread starter can see the responses.
  11. by   NRSKarenRN
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  12. by   wonderbee
    They do seem to be in a league of their own in the Pittsburgh region. They do a lot of private duty but very little in the way of visit care which is totally my bag. I just can't see myself spending all day with one patient day after day. I'm waiting for them to ratchet their skilled visit business up which I'm told by the recruiter is on a temporary hold. They seem professional and compassionate with a capital "C".

    Last year I recall a tv ad running during the Christmas holidays showing a nurse driving through a terrible storm at night to attend to her patient. It impressed me and made me cringe at the same time.
  13. by   Southernurse
    [font=book antiqua]i must put in my 2 cents here. bayada is the only employer i have had that is generous with the "thank-you's" and pats-on-the-back. i have only been with them since october, and i still haven't gotten used to being treated that way. the girls in the office in asheville, nc which i work out of are truly wonderful, caring people. after years of being in a rewarding yet thankless career (don't get me wrong, being a nurse is who i am not a profession) it is strange to be lavished with praise. they make you feel valued as a person. my training was also top-notch, and they made sure my comfort level was an a+ before they let me loose. if bayada is in your area, i recommend them highly.
  14. by   Southernurse
    last year i recall a tv ad running during the christmas holidays showing a nurse driving through a terrible storm at night to attend to her patient. it impressed me and made me cringe at the same time.

    [font=book antiqua]not true! if the weather is bad enough, the supervisor picks you up and takes you home!!!:bowingpur