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first off, i want to say i am sorry for not being around this weekend. my grandmother passed away. she is no longer suffering, so it is a good thing. she had alzheimers, parkinsons, congestive heart failure, broken hip, pneumonia (both lungs), blood clot in iliac vein and failed kidneys. it was time.

back to a happier subject, i am getting ready for orientation (jan 10th, i know i am a little early!). :p i have started my hepb series, drug screen and purchasing books. holy moly! i spent $424 yesterday just on books for 3 classes, and i didn't even purchase all that were recommended! on top of that, i had arm muscle cramps from carrying my books from the bookstore to my car!

by the way, can anyone recommend the best pda for the money? my husband wants to buy me one for a xmas present. thanks!

i hope everyone is having a great week, so far! i will try to get caught up on messages this afternoon!

take care! :)


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Sorry to hear about your grandmother.... Mine is in a similar situation.. Parkinson's, Alzeheimers, Breast Cancer.. She tells us every time she sees us that she is ready to go... She can barely walk at all.. Its heartbreaking to see her like this.. I know I will hurt when she is gone, but at least I know she won't be suffering...



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I just wanted to stop by and say that I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I am sure she is smiling down at you! :)


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I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. It is comforting to know that she is no longer suffering, though.

As for the books, I feel for you! :) I'm keeping my chiropractor in business, I think, because of the load I carry in my backpack!



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I'm sorry for the lose of your grandmother.

My books were about $800 for the nursing classes, but we use them for all 4 semesters. I think we need to buy 2 more for the rest of the course.


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Wow! I got off easy spring semester...so far it looks like maybe $154 (that's compared to $850 last semester). Will make for a good refund in February to again get caught up on bills!!


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Oh, forgot to say, save your back, get a packpack with wheels. I just love mine.


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I'm so sorry about your grandmom Moni. That must be very rough on you right now. You're in my prayers.


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Best price on a PDA is probably Palm M100. Usually on sale this time of year for around $100 bucks. I think I saw it here in my town in Best Buy or Circuit City.

Good Luck in school.


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Moni, I am truly sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing. My aunt passed on yesterday morning.

I have a bag on wheels that I will be using. I bought it for my 14 years old daughter and she did not think it was "cool" so I will protect my arms and back by using it!

I have orientation and registration on next Wednesday (Dec 12); I will get the necessary books and other items during this time.


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What joy to know that Grandmother is in a far better place than here now. No sickness, no pain. And she goes to prepare a place for YOU...... So happy that the suffering is over.

Take care of YOU now. I know how you hurt, I lost my grandmother last year.

I concur with the wheels, tho. Makes life much easier...

I don't know anything about palm pilots, as I use good old fashioned paper yet..... :)

Take care,



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I am sorry to hear about your Grandmother, but now you'll have an extra angel looking down at you, whispering encouragement in your ear. You may not hear her, but she's there!!

Good luck in school!!

Happy holidays!

Christine :D

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