Holistic Nurses, what are your thoughts on GMO's

  1. I am very curious on what your thoughts are on GMO's in our food and over the counter supplement supply.
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  3. by   EarthwormRN
    I actually didn't know that GMOs were in the supplements too. Personally, GMO anything scares me because we have too many scientists trying to play god that we are changing the whole face of this planet. It is a relatively new research with no long term testing and now with it being available in basically everything we eat, it will be impossible in the future to discover whether or not this has any kind of lasting effect on people and their bodies, where would we find a control group when everyone is eating this stuff. I'm no researcher, but I'd love to become one. What scares me the most is what's the reason behind hiding it from Americans? If there's no potential harm, then why not just let the public know with labeling. They claim it will create unnecessary fear. Like the government is worried about unnecessary fear.. I don't buy it. Europe does it. And if I want to choose to purchase and ingest only natural products created by the earth, and not by a lab, then that should be my choice. What are your thoughts?
  4. by   LaRoseRN
    I try to avoid them & wish they were labeled clearly like in Europe so I could make better, informed decisions as a consumer. At least let me choose -- GMO plants are NOT the same as hybrid plants, and trying to sell them as such is a big ol' lie. If other people want to eat them, go right ahead.
  5. by   NenaRK
    Well I am not a nurse yet, I'm still in school, however I usually try to avoid GMOs and go for organic, locally grown, foods. I think it's sad how many medical professionals don't seem to know/care about the possible dangers of GMOs. I'd rather be as healthy as I possibly can.
  6. by   lhflanurseNP
    Many of the supplements found in retail are "substandard". By this I mean something in the mix did not meet the professional side's standards. When a product does not meet with the professional side, if it is safe, it is moved to the retail side for manufacture. Often times this can include GMOs as well as fillers such as titanium dioxide. We encourage our patients to carefully read the label of their supplements and many are confounded to find out that Centrum has a lot of fillers. Once they understand that is why the price is so much cheaper than the professional grade supplements, it is not difficult to get them into paying a bit more for better to superior quality.
  7. by   Underoo
    I am an RN but not a holistic nurse (yet), however I truly believe that GMOs are dangerous. My husband and I have recently began a lifestyle change in our diet and we are already finding that we feel so much better when we eat only organic foods. We have eliminated corn and are trying to eliminate wheat as well. My digestive system seems so much happier as I used to suffer with chronic nausea, but since we started limiting our intake of processed foods and really paid attention to food labels, we are both feeling a lot better. If you're looking for some information, try to find the movie "Doctored". It's primarily about the benefits of chiropractic care, but speaks some on GMO and how our foods have changed. Do you know that the soybean has been genetically altered so much that it's nothing like the soybeans that originally grew? And look at how many products contain soy, when in fact soy is probably one of the most harmful things to eat. Why would you want a male to consume something that could potentially increase his estrogen levels? Very scary stuff.
  8. by   Hex
    There's no evidence whatsoever that GMOs are dangerous. Also, the whole "organic" movement is a scam.
  9. by   WanderingSagehen
    Just finishing my BSN and had to read a whole bunch of research with the Human Genome Project. My under standing of GMOs at this point is modifying needs to be done to feed our soon to be overpopulated planet as well as to create crops the are more drought and pest resistent and thus need fewer pesticides. So some GMO stuff is for our own good. Its not just science tweaking for fun. Science is for helping people or they dont get funded for their projects.
  10. by   Alphabet-soupRN
    GMO's are toxic and YES "Hex" there have been studies done to prove this. You won't see them in the US. Why you ask? Because the main distributor of GMO and the co product Round Up are part of the revolving door we call our government. I've read some of your other posts and it is apparent you fell for the PR stunt that big pharma and other corporations recently put out. You know the one right? The one where they get all their brainwashed sheep to spout off ridiculous statements that anything that might conflict with their agenda ie.. selling pills, patenting seeds, selling pesticides..etc, etc.. to say.. "you are anti science" only "science based XYZ is credible". I wish you could hear yourselves and how uneducated you sound. Biology is science, as is how food reacts in the human body. This is basic stuff actually but regardless... You defend GMO's because you are one of the sheep that lost your ability to think for yourself and instead parrot whatever mainstream bought and paid for media site told you to.

    Honestly if anyone want to know if GMO's are safe simply research the history of the company providing them and the riders they have paid off senators to slip into our farm bills last minute. You know, they go something like this. " Monsanto cannot now or in the future be held responsible for any consumers illness including death if it is ever proven that their product is the cause.. furthermore, no governing entity can force them to remove said product from shelves". Oh and just for fun let's throw in the BILLIONS of dollars they spend to avoid labeling their poison so people are forced to consume them. Banned in 55 and counting countries and labeled in a dozen others.. Yea, Hex. They are totally trust worthy. Eat up. After all, scientists cant be paid off to write articles for their employers! OH wait,. you mean scientists are people too? They have bills to pay too? They can actually be bribed like the rest of mere mortals? You know science has done some incredible things but just because something CAN be done, doesn't mean it should be. Bad science is bad science.

    Id like to add. We are not over populated. We throw out enough food in this country to feed other countries! Food is not whats in shortage, money is! People can't afford food. The lie Monsanto spread about GMOs being more affordable turned out to be FALSE. The lie that GMOs produce higher yields then organic versions again.. FALSE! I could go on and on..
  11. by   awire
    Wow. I am both surprised and elated to have come across this thread! It is great to see support for labeling. I know this is an older thread, but I was wondering if your current stances have changed regarding labeling or if they are still the same. Thank you!
  12. by   Nashvillejeanne
    My message to Monsanto...if you are proud of it, why don't you label it?.....Personally, I don't eat corn, soy or other high GMO offenders, no fast food, no tap water (fluoride free toothpaste too), organic whenever I can. I moved to the country and I am working on a small scale aquaponics growing system...why all this trouble? I worked in hospice care for 15 years, more and more young/middle aged cancer patients than I care to count. I am close to 60 and fool even most physicians as to my age. Wake up peeps....eat good food now or take medications later.
  13. by   EarthwormRN
    My stance has not changed. I have been hearing more and more people complain that its all just a trend to be anti gmo right now. Which is irritating, these are the same people who believe the reports that "prove" global warming is not happening. I wish that websites posting "research studies" had to be screened for efficacy. Anyone can say they did research and write a really good study on it. But if its just some joe shmoe making it all up..people will still buy it.
  14. by   JoyceHarrellRN
    I'm SO against GMO.. I'm also trying to start my collection of herloom seeds in the event the GMO problem does continue.

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