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  1. DMC and Gallup results

    When were you hired? Is it for Sinai Grace hospital only or all of DMC?
  2. Mandatory flu shots????

    No one should ever be force medicated. If that is the only method they have come up with, then they need to find a new "solution". For people who can't see the agenda behind why they would force medicate I'm not sure it's worth wasting my breath expl...
  3. Do you think acute care nursing is becoming less safe?

    No doubt about it.
  4. Only a nurse will understand...

    Yes, working 3 12's and people perceiving that as part time is extremely annoying.
  5. Holistic Nurses, what are your thoughts on GMO's

    GMO's are toxic and YES "Hex" there have been studies done to prove this. You won't see them in the US. Why you ask? Because the main distributor of GMO and the co product Round Up are part of the revolving door we call our government. I've read some...
  6. You haven't? That's odd? I have. Isn't hard at all to find it. Unfortunately you wont find most studies done in Monsanto owned USA. They recently purchased the journal that published the study the kicked off the whole anti GMO movement and TRIED to f...
  7. Um, not sure about vaccines but Anti GMO isn't a conspiracy. The company who created them and is forcing them on to the public is by far one of the most if not THE MOST crooked company in history. They have riders slipped into bills, they have their ...
  8. Kindred Hospital Detroit

    I applied to this hospital yesterday. I didn't know it existed until yesterday! I see it's been about a year since your post. Are you still there? Do you enjoy it? Should I be contacting HR about my application? Sorry I can't PM yet, I'm a few posts ...
  9. HFWB

    Also I was wondering who could tell me if they require color coded scrubs there.
  10. HFWB

    I just applied to HF West Bloomfield ER department. I tried to private message a couple people who posted about this hospital previously but apparently I haven't posted enough to PM. Does anyone have any advice? Should I follow up with a phone call i...
  11. Confused about how one year experience is calculated?

    The fear of losing ones license is something nursing schools are drilling into the students heads. Perhaps it wasn't always that way? It certainly was at my school. Although some of us could see through the BS more than others.
  12. NCLEX JAN 2014

    Not a single person in my class got the green light from ATI and they all passed. Even the valedictorian didn't get the ok. I think you will be fine! Good luck. Managing your stress during the test will be half the battle. Stay calm and focused and y...
  13. Hurst Review Opinion?

    If you go on the hurst website it should tell you how many lectures.. I think something like 25? With a lot of extras. They range from 30 to an hour and 15. Yes it comes with critically thinking questions and 6 tests.. You can google for a coupon cod...
  14. Hurst Review Opinion?

    You can search Hurst electrolyte lecture on youtube to get a better idea if its for you. I remember I had 2 identical questions on the NCLEX that I had gotten on the Hurst practice exams. I used the Kaplan book and would get high scores and then woul...
  15. Hurst Review Opinion?

    Yes, I used it and do not think I would have passed the NCLEX without it. It also made me feel much more confident going into my role as an RN. I learned things I never learned in school.