holiday bonus anyone?

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A friend of mine works for an employment agency. She has no college degree, no college at all. She never even really finished highschool but did receive her GED. Now, it really gets me going knowing the type of work us nurses do, wiping butts, putting our own lives at risks w/ hiv pts, working long exhausting hours, for what? My holiday bonus this year was a meal ticket equaling $12 for the hospital cafeteria, and that was it. Compared to finding and placing people in jobs, a $3000 bonus. I guess priority is human resources not health. Did anyone get a bonus that is worth what we do? Or at least better than mine?

Bonus? BONUS? We always get a 15.00 certificate to a grocery store. I give it to my elderly father every year; he really appreciates it. When I worked for a large insurance agency, we got quarterly bonus; what a treat!

I work a hectic med-surg, pedi, geri, infectious disease floor. If ER doesn't know what to do with them; they send them to us. Our hospital is a small part of a very huge hospital in Houston, TX. I guess since we are considered "small" our christmas bonus this year was an umbrella. When we open it everyone can see who we work for, OR the wind gets it and it breaks. My 73 year old father; who has been working for this small company for less than a year got a very nice christmas bonus of $2,000. Because they felt like he does a good job for them. I am happy for him, but it really gets my goat the way the hospital treats it's nurses.

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Bonus??? Are you kidding??? In the last 14 years of nursing, I have yet to receive a bonus of any kind. We get a small gift from our employer, but that's it. Actually, they charged us for our Thanksgiving dinner too!!! The kicker was that they charged afternoons $2.00 and those of us on nights $3.00!!!

My hospital throws a "Holidy Tea" for every shift which is actually quite a spread--and on the "eves" of christmas and new years they send up deli trays to nights on thru the next PM's. Never have we ever gotten money, gift certs or anything like that--However some of our nurses moonlight at the IVF clinic and the MD that runs it throws an awsome holidy party and sends them money in the mail--this year they each got $100.00!!

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The last hospital I worked at gave us a gift cert for a food store. Where I am now, a free meal for the hassle of not having a ticket for the wonderful food. Don't even talk about Nurses' Week. If you are not there the day they have the "token", you don't get it.

I work for a CHW hospital, and have been there for 3 years. We have been through everything imaginable. This year, they gave us free cafeteria food and a "mini" calendar to put on our fridge so we could write in all of our days and not miss work. Can you believe it? This is one of the biggest hospital chains, and this is how it repays its employees. I guess their stinginess is what is making them filthy rich. I think it is time for a career change.

We got a $25.00 grocery coupon and a notice that next year we will recieve a dollar an hour extra for holiday pay... notice that our current time-and-a-half is now missing.

My husband got $300.00. He works for a very small company (less than 25 employees) and has a high school diploma.

frown.gif I also rcv'd a $25.00 certificate to a local supermarket. (WOW) Was I ever impressed. My husband who went to school for 6 months to be AC/mech got a $3000.00 bonus. Boy am I in the wrong field. Thank god I love what I do.

Boy... do they ever have their priorities all screwed up!!!!!! Something is most definitely wrong with picture!

smile.gif HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYONE smile.gif

I work for Indian Health Service (run by the federal government) in AZ. It's a small community hospital in the middle of nowhere. I can't really complain: the salary is great and for the holidays we get paid double-time (12 hr shifts). We also get a cost of living raise every year, the Indian Health service housing is reasonable,and school loan repayment (for 2 yrs of service).

Happy New Year!!!

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First happy and safe New Year to all.

If you ere at work on a certain day you received a free meal from the cafeteria.

Seriously though you can't compare bonuses from profit firms to a non-proftit organization. Now the hospitals chains that are for profit on the other hand is a valid comparison. Anybody care to share their bonus from a profit making organization?

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