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  1. PPL

    Nurse addict?

    The red flag is up! Act! Good luck to you both!
  2. PPL

    Seeking your expertise with blood draws

    Holy Smokes! This site has changed! I've been gone too long! Is it just my imagination, or are fair skinned, freckled redheads the worse/hardest to draw? What about the very obese, what tricks to use?
  3. PPL

    Sister's Cancer; Please Answer!

    Dear nursing friends, it has been so long since I have been on the site; so many changes! I wanted to post that my sis passed away @ 10:28 am on June 24th. She was able to be cared for lovingly at the home of my other sis until her death; and I am so grateful for that! I have been working full-time and traveling back and forth to see her every other weekend, faithfully. My sisters and I had some wonderful visits, right up until the week before her death! I am two and a half hours away, so did not get there in time, but she was surrounded with the love of my other sis, brother-in-law, wonderful friends and care givers and the Hospice nurses. She donated her body to science, but they were able to keep her body until I could get there to say my good-bye and see her for the last time. When they return her remains, she will be cremated and buried in my mother's site. My father is still alive but when he passes, he'll be there too. She was struggling alot just before her death, and I believe internal bleeding and seizures. She did not seem to be in pain and they were giving her everything for comfort. When she finally stopped struggling, she took her final breath and had a beautiful smile on her face! The following weekend, her youngest son was married, and though she did not get to be there, we really believe she was there in spirit! My other sis and I were there and it as all the more moving and many tears were shed, tears of joy and healing and release. I thank all of you who posted to me. You were a comfort and a help. Thank you all so much!
  4. PPL

    Answer this QUICK!

    Hey, thanks for answering! Yes, I was dumbfounded to read that there's still fighting going on! I can't possibly read through everything that I've missed. I'm not sure I even want to. Anyone on the inside track? If so, what's up?
  5. PPL

    Any Cert. Psych. Nurses around here?

    Hi. I am certified, but will probably let it lapse, because I am not working in psych at all right now. How do you like it? I always worked acute care, so it could be pretty stressful, working short, etc., you know the drill! Best of luck to you.
  6. PPL

    Answer this QUICK!

    Hello nurse friends! I've been off the site FOREVER! I've been working full-time, learning a new job, and traveling every other weekend to see my sis, who some of you may remember, is terminally ill. I need to know the latest re the MNM. Is there going to be marching THIS May, 2001, AND May, 2002; or just 2002? I checked out the site once, and people still seemed to be fighting! Can anyone please take the time to fill me in with just the essentials? Thanks and Happy Easter to you all. I'll be going down to visit my sis, but will check when I return.
  7. PPL

    Too short for psych?

    Hi. I'm not sure what you're calling short, but I am somewhat vertically challenged too. I'm petite, 5'3" and female. I've worked lots of psych though and if the takedowns are well planned, with enough staff, you should be safe. Sometimes though, even the best laid plans will go astray! The big problem I've encountered though seems to be unsafe staffing for the acuity of patients. Some units use the hospital security and free standing units sometimes use the police for assistance, as well as male nurses and/or male mental health techs; just depends on the unit policy. Most facilities have a Mr Armstrong code that is called for dangerous situations, where all available assist comes in a jiffy, STAT. it may be called something different depending on where you work. Hope this helps.
  8. PPL

    So long Nursing

    Dear Realnurse. Your letter moved me. There is a good letter in USA TODAY, written by a NY nurse. I don't know how to cut and paste, etc., but maybe someone can put it up on the BB. Please continue to speak out and do what you can, write letters, march with us this spring, if you're able. Good luck with whatever you do choose. You sound like you'd be an asset to any profession.
  9. PPL

    self medication

    Hi. Our facility also allows meds from home, meds at bedside, etc., if the physician writes the order, and then pharmacy has to identify that the meds from home are in fact actually correct. If there is a question, it is not allowed, and the ordered meds are obtained from pharmacy, as per usual. I also agree with mustangsheba's post re the other self-medication.
  10. Yep, I agree with the above posters, in fact, the first thing I thought of is aortic aneurysm too, possibly disecting after the fall? They frequently C/O back pain, but compression fx is a good bet too. She needs to be evaluated and not written off because of her age. An antidepressant may be in order too and might really help get her anxiety under control. Go for it, if your patient is willing. Good luck.
  11. PPL

    My mental state

    Jobo, you MUST get some help NOW. You are under tremendous stress! I was thinking that awhile back, I sent you a personal email, but when I bring up your profile, no email address is available. You do not have to quit your job, family leave allows for you to take some time off under this great duress. See a doctor and have anything medical ruled out. A CT scan of the brain in view of your symptoms. PTSD can cause these problems for sure too. I agree with the above post; do not wait another day! You owe this to yourself and your children, not to mention your patients and co-workers; please seek help. Post and let us know how you are.
  12. PPL

    weight loss

    Hi. I love this topic. I really feel there is one way and one way only, to keep weight under control; lifestyle changes. A reasonable exercise program and a reasonable diet are what works for me. I can't remember when I started all this, but it's been more than a decade, I believe. Pick an exercise you enjoy; walking is the cheapest and easy, but only if you like it; and I happen to love it. I also have an inexpensive stairstepper for cold months. It doesn't matter, but pick something, and do it at LEAST three times a week. If you add free weights a couple times a week, such as for upper body, this is great too. Mine aren't heavy and you can do more reps with lighter weights and/or fewer reps with a heavier weight. Get a wall calendar with large boxes big enough to write in and/or place a sticker on. Everytime you exercise for thirty minutes or more, place a sticker. I use smiley faces for my walking/stairstepping for thirty minutes and hearts for my upper body weights. Pretty soon, you can begin to see those stickers smiling out at you, saying "great job!" They really add up! Depending on your shift, you'll have to pick the time that's best for you. I never once finished exercising and said "gee, I wish I hadn't done that." You will ALWAYS feel good about yourself after you've done it! The second part is reasonable diet changes; and I stress REASONABLE. The exercise helps you with this, because as you exercise, you begin to build muscle, muscle takes more fuel to maintain it, therefore, your metabolism is stepped up and you're burning calories at a greater rate, even when you're not exercising. Muscle burns more fuel then fat, period. Exercising and building muscle allows you then to eat more of the things you love, in moderation, of course. Muscle also is more dense than fat and weighs more pound for pound, therefore, though you may not appear to be losing weight at the rate you desire, your body should become more lean and streamlined over time. I have saved my calendars for several years, so I can refer to them, esp if I'm not feeling motivated! Don't beat up on yourself if you get off track; just get back on ASAP, forget about what you didn't do and focus for the moment about what you CAN do to get back your groove! Oh! Also, if you can take advantage of your facility's cardiac rehab room, do it! Great state of the art equipment. At one facility, we had enough nurses, that I could actually leave the floor during lunch, and get my exercise done during my shift; terrific! Hmmm, where did those days go? Well, that's my input, and I've been able to maintain a very reasonable weight for years and years. Best of luck to you and all who struggle with this.
  13. PPL

    Triad Anyone?

    Thanks guys! I'm betting it's the Triad Hospitals that you posted about. I know it's for profit. I'll check it out. Thanks again.
  14. PPL

    Triad Anyone?

    Still wondering about TRIAD, I believe that's how it's spelled. Anyone know?
  15. PPL

    pay scale

    Hi. I would be interested in hearing what the salaries are too. And would some annonymous managers please post as to if you're receiving bonus for staffing the units as short as possible? Thanks.
  16. PPL

    Need help-prostate cancer

    Oh, I wanted to mention that he had tripple A done in Nov '99, abd hernia repair Nov '00, and he's sched for a total knee this month! If he gets the prostate done, I'll just have to kill myself! It's very unlikely that the prostate cancer is what will get him. He has an arrythmia since the tripple A, has NEVER taken his heart meds, insisted on going home, and up fifteen stairs to his apt after the hernia repair, and he's already told them, he'll only be staying four days for the knee! OMG!!!