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  1. Nurse addict?

    The red flag is up! Act! Good luck to you both!
  2. Seeking your expertise with blood draws

    Holy Smokes! This site has changed! I've been gone too long! Is it just my imagination, or are fair skinned, freckled redheads the worse/hardest to draw? What about the very obese, what tricks to use?
  3. Sister's Cancer; Please Answer!

    Dear nursing friends, it has been so long since I have been on the site; so many changes! I wanted to post that my sis passed away @ 10:28 am on June 24th. She was able to be cared for lovingly at the home of my other sis until her death; and I am so...
  4. Answer this QUICK!

    Hey, thanks for answering! Yes, I was dumbfounded to read that there's still fighting going on! I can't possibly read through everything that I've missed. I'm not sure I even want to. Anyone on the inside track? If so, what's up?
  5. Answer this QUICK!

    Hello nurse friends! I've been off the site FOREVER! I've been working full-time, learning a new job, and traveling every other weekend to see my sis, who some of you may remember, is terminally ill. I need to know the latest re the MNM. Is there goi...
  6. Too short for psych?

    Hi. I'm not sure what you're calling short, but I am somewhat vertically challenged too. I'm petite, 5'3" and female. I've worked lots of psych though and if the takedowns are well planned, with enough staff, you should be safe. Sometimes though, eve...
  7. So long Nursing

    Dear Realnurse. Your letter moved me. There is a good letter in USA TODAY, written by a NY nurse. I don't know how to cut and paste, etc., but maybe someone can put it up on the BB. Please continue to speak out and do what you can, write letters, mar...
  8. self medication

    Hi. Our facility also allows meds from home, meds at bedside, etc., if the physician writes the order, and then pharmacy has to identify that the meds from home are in fact actually correct. If there is a question, it is not allowed, and the ordered ...
  9. Yep, I agree with the above posters, in fact, the first thing I thought of is aortic aneurysm too, possibly disecting after the fall? They frequently C/O back pain, but compression fx is a good bet too. She needs to be evaluated and not written off b...
  10. My mental state

    Jobo, you MUST get some help NOW. You are under tremendous stress! I was thinking that awhile back, I sent you a personal email, but when I bring up your profile, no email address is available. You do not have to quit your job, family leave allows fo...
  11. weight loss

    Hi. I love this topic. I really feel there is one way and one way only, to keep weight under control; lifestyle changes. A reasonable exercise program and a reasonable diet are what works for me. I can't remember when I started all this, but it's bee...
  12. Triad Anyone?

    Thanks guys! I'm betting it's the Triad Hospitals that you posted about. I know it's for profit. I'll check it out. Thanks again.
  13. Triad Anyone?

    Still wondering about TRIAD, I believe that's how it's spelled. Anyone know?
  14. pay scale

    Hi. I would be interested in hearing what the salaries are too. And would some annonymous managers please post as to if you're receiving bonus for staffing the units as short as possible? Thanks.
  15. Need help-prostate cancer

    Oh, I wanted to mention that he had tripple A done in Nov '99, abd hernia repair Nov '00, and he's sched for a total knee this month! If he gets the prostate done, I'll just have to kill myself! It's very unlikely that the prostate cancer is what wil...