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  1. goldilocksrn

    I just had to get out of hospital nursing

    Yes, still working 2 jobs, but overall I'm working much less hours. I still must work full time, but I cut as many expenses as possible and now work smarter, not harder. I think changing jobs has made me a whole new person. Thanks for asking.
  2. goldilocksrn


    I went through what you went through. I had to drag myself out of bed to go to work, because I knew my day was going to be chaos from start to finish. I tried to make excuses to call in sick, and in a fowl mood when I did go to work (though not to my...
  3. goldilocksrn

    I just had to get out of hospital nursing

    I don't know if you all remember me or not, but I had taken a hiatus from this post due to burnout. I was burned out of nursing in general. My job on the stepdown unit I worked on was becoming too much for me. We had no unit manager for awhile, and w...
  4. goldilocksrn

    How much do you make?

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by plumrn: Calling all nurses! Just a quick poll.Please tell us your: 1.Position held.(RN,LVN/LPN) 2.Years as a nurse. 3.Area of wor...
  5. goldilocksrn

    Just how bad is it out there?

    I am just wondering how bad it is a fellow nurse's place of employment. I want to know how bad I have it in the scheme of things. I will tell you a bit about where I work to compare. I work on a 34 bed step down unit, mostly CHF, MI's, post PTCA, CAB...
  6. goldilocksrn

    Patient Satisfaction

    If you ask a "customer" in the hospital why they are not happy with their care, they will tell you that they feel that the staff doesn't care about their needs. The patients try and discuss their needs,feelings, fears, and the nurse has to run off to...
  7. goldilocksrn

    Patient Satisfaction

    This is all so true. At my hospital (CHW), there is a group of people called the circle of friends. They are people that have donated a substantial amount of $$ to the hospital, and are VIP's when admitted. They get a private room, and get their meal...
  8. goldilocksrn

    That's it, I'm OUT.

    I went through the same thing before, and was unable to find a permanent FT job to suit my needs, so I got a per diem job and quit picking up extra shifts at the hospital that I work. The change of scenery was helpful, and gave me more days off my no...
  9. goldilocksrn

    note to nurse dude, will they never learn!

    I don't know about any of you, but I am a generation Xer, and my philosophy regarding nursing is this: I am going to have to take a load of crap being a hospital nurse, and the crap is pretty much the same at every hospital. Why not make more money a...
  10. goldilocksrn

    What Freaks You Out?

    Two things I have seen so far have really grossed me out: one is a lady who was found down in her home. She had a open wound to her abdomen that she wasn't taking care of, and when you would touch it (I wouldn't) maggots would fall out. We would have...
  11. goldilocksrn


    Just remember this: We can't always please everyone, and some people are never pleased. When I have upset patients, I try to resolve issues with as much dignity and respect as I can give them. I, in turn, demand the same respect. If they insult me in...
  12. goldilocksrn

    Discussing salary during an interview

    Salary is very important, so I discuss it in my interviews. I usually save it for the end, when they ask me if I have any questions. I merely point out that I need to be making "x" amount of dollars to pay the bills, and make it clear that salary is ...
  13. I have recently applied for a public health position for the county I live in and have been accepted for an interview. I was wondering if anyone would/could give me advice as to how to prepare-what kind of questions I can expect to be asked, etc? How...
  14. goldilocksrn

    Whining nurses

    I don't know about any of you, but I am SICK of whiny nurses who complain all day, but when the opportunity arises to stand up and make a difference about what they are whining about, they sit back and keep their mouths shut. We had an opportunity to...
  15. goldilocksrn

    need help with a trach question

    I always keep trach and vent patient's cuffs DEFLATED unless they are eating or at risk for aspiration. From what I am understanding, the more time that a cuff is inflated, the less protective it becomes when needed.
  16. goldilocksrn

    Truly sad- please read and consider

    I want to stay positive, so I thought I would give you some hard learned advice: 1) Do not think you can go to administration and they will listen to YOU. If you have any hope of them listening to you, your entire UNIT must call a meeting with them a...