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I wonder if it is do able.... Any lawyers out there? Can't we as nurse sue hospitals for mental anguish, unsafe conditions, something to get attention? In the wake of the million nurse march, I think nurses should file a class action lawsuit against the major chains, CHW, tenet, etc. and charge them with neglect or something. Even if we couldn't win, oh what publicity it could get us. smile.gif


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Have you considered joining the California Nurses Association? It is a Professional Nursing Organization/Union and they have done some serious legislative stuff for nurses. If there is not union representation at your hospital then you can actually help get it started. I am considering this route myself for Kings county. Check out the website at It is a terrific website!


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It's do-able but it's expensive.

It's nothing that you can just wake up and do one've got to have a plan.

Nurses are typically good document and recording people. And that's where you start.

Anything that can be recorded as being adverse to working conditions needs to be noted with times and date. Any condition that is causing same must be brought up to superiors.

And the person starting "this movement" must, obviously, have a backup plan for employment and income.

You can do a lot quietly, and I suggest you do. And after a year of repetitive offenses, find some ally and take it slow.

Don't talk too much. Document much. You are changing things for the future, not for now.

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