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  1. blondesareeasy

    Mandatory flu shots????

    Lie. Tell em' you got the shot. Go to Walgrens, get a receipt for something, tell em' you bought the shot. Photoshop someone else's receipt. Flu shots are a pharmaceutical gold mine. The flu kills OLD people and the immunocompromised. It doesn't kill people that go to work for a living and are up walking around. So play the game until a LOT of years go by that will prove that the flu shot ain't what it's supposed to be.
  2. blondesareeasy

    What Do You Love About Nursing?

    The income. That, and the job security. Sooner or later you'll be working beside a coworker with an iffy background, but "nurses are a dime a dozen " so they'll take anybody. You won't find a more screwed-up career choice anywhere. Your female coworkers are back-biting. The "nurse practitioners" are functional morons playing doctor without the years of clinical rounding necessary to make good judgment. Beware of those badges with "BSN" tacked onto it. A nurse anesthetist is actually a worthy, independent practice choice, however. You don't have to work with nurses and you'll be very independent with the highest income return you can expect. And you'll get some respect EXCEPT from real MD Anesthesiologists unless they want you to cover for them when they're on vacation.
  3. blondesareeasy

    when to start compressions?

    I like your Bill Murray graphic.
  4. blondesareeasy

    Violent Physician

    An MD threatened to "kill that nurse." The nurse involved and I have reported it. He is suspended and ordered to take classes on "Anger Management." 1.) We don't believe that's adequate punishment. 2.) We have been instructed to "not mention this to anyone." He's a previous offender. 1.) That is an assault and creates fear in the workplace and creation of a hostile working environment. 2.) The nurse involved, entirely by coincidence, is leaving the hospital anyway for a new job. 3.) She followed the exact directions and order of a "covering" physician in his own group. Did nothing wrong. I'm respecting her request to me to keep it quiet. But, I believe this also does a disservice to our other nurses who, indeed, work in daily fear that he will round and subject them to the same behaviour. I also believe that this "Anger Management" class will be nothing more than an on-line 30 minute sales job purchased by the hospital. She filed for a restraining order with the local police department. This IS a serious offense but it's ALWAYS toned down by the hospital as bad PR. Thoughts?
  5. blondesareeasy

    The USAF is now taking direct civilian to SRNA applicants

    I tried this but was disqualified because of having a radial keratotomy.
  6. blondesareeasy

    Dialysis and Renal Nursing

    YOU are correct and way ahead of the game. It's the rare patient in my ICU that is there because of some non-self-contributory disease. I've heard that in England, you can't get a knee replacement if you're obese and I completely agree with that. After the surgery, historically you're going to be an overweight sloth that won't do what's necessary to recover.
  7. blondesareeasy

    How can I make Rocephin I'm hurt less???

    You didn't do a thing wrong. Screw it.
  8. blondesareeasy

    Being an ugly nurse

    Lately I've been asked to have a female nurse fill in for me when doing bedpans, pee pee, etc. I'd rather have the women do it anyway...less work for me. But I'm surprised at the number of female patients who don't give a damn if they're on their periods and "I'm the victim" for a clean up on isle 7. It's a complement that they don't mind me doing it. There's no rhyme or reason to it at all. Young, old, etc. Recently I did bedpan, menstrual care all day on a hottie that looked like my first wife. We flirted all day. But when the night shift male nurse came in she called it quits and asked for a female. I dunno.
  9. blondesareeasy

    "There's nothing worse than a FAT nurse!"

    Imagine working in a heart unit and you've dealt with a patient all day post-op, with diet instructions, etc. And then you hand off the assignment to a night shift pig. Doesn't work. I'm glad Texas got the ball rolling with no fat nurses.
  10. blondesareeasy

    "There's nothing worse than a FAT nurse!"

    We don't hire fat nurses. It's great. Fat Nurses Need Not Apply | Those Emergency Blues
  11. blondesareeasy

    New grad hired into Trauma ICU in a Level 1 Trauma hospital

    Just a sidebar: Did you know that the motorcycle helmet laws vastly reduced the amount of organ donors?
  12. blondesareeasy

    Psychological stresses of RN/ICU

    "Emerge" just frikken urks me. Stop it, child.
  13. blondesareeasy

    ICU nurses: Do you check cornea reflex and gag reflex q4h ?

    HAVE to check or NEED to check? There ain't no stone etchings here.
  14. blondesareeasy

    PATIENT posting pictures on Facebook

    AND...don't go to Code Grays. Never. Hell with them.
  15. blondesareeasy

    PATIENT posting pictures on Facebook

    Interesting. I went to a a "Code Gray," (violent person) overhead page and was the first male staff member there. And was the ONLY staff member there for over five minutes. There was absolutely nothing I could do to calm down the situation of people screaming, yelling, accusing nursing staff of this/that/etcetera, and it was obvious that all of the perpetrators knew that I was outnumbered. For my personal protection, I took out my phone camera and started video taping the incident. Immediately the situation came to a halt. One of the perps started saying, "He's not allowed to tape us, it's a HIPPA violation!" and screamed it out loud. No one did anything but they all remained quite civil as there was now evidence being collected. The outcome? I was persecuted by the house supervisor because of the statement by the visitor about HIPPA crap. I told them that my personal safety was in doubt and I was alone...you can do whatever you want with that, but I stand by my evidence collecting method. Nothing became of it. I was right. But the kicker? I turned on the phones flashlight by mistake and NOT the video camera. There was NO recording going on and there was NO evidence collected. Our geriatric security came hobbling along after I had calmed down the situation. They were part of my cross-examination team that felt that I WAS THE WRONG-DOER. Screw hospitals. Screw management. Do what you feel is right and keep your personal safety paramount.
  16. blondesareeasy

    another chiropractor thinking of RN then to NP

    Congratulations on going legit...