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Hiring "someone like you"

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Hi. want to share an experience. I'm an RN with several solid years recovery. Very happy with life in general. Anyway, the BON told me to get going and find employment. Long story short, I applied, and interviewed at my old job. The DON offered me the job and the Unit manager who interviewed me offered me the job. Everything was great. I was given a tour on my old floor. We worked my orientation schedule around my school schedule. etc. etc. I left there feeling blessed and looking forward to a new job. I received the confirmation call only it was an HR Generalist who said, "I'm not extending an offer for a job. If we hire someone like you we can get sued!" Mind you, I'm cleared all around, the DON knows everything about my present situation. I had my contract at my interview and it's clear that there is no inconvenience to any employer. I was STILL offered the job. But this man who never met me would not let me offer any explanation...he was insulting and almost sounded disgusted. Just wondering if any of my fellow compadres out yonder ever had an experience like this? I'm ok as I know where I stand in my life and recovery. Thanks for any sharing!! :bowingpur

Magsulfate, BSN, RN

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So, they both hired you, you have a contract... and the HR person did not, AND he said that on the phone to you. Looks to me like you have a perfect case of discrimination. According to the Americans With Disabilites Act, they can not do this. Looks like you have a pretty strong case against them.

Unless they can come up with another reason not to hire you, you've got the evidence you need (the contract and offer of employment) to go to an attorney and turn this around for yourself.

I put up with that kind of crap for 6 months, but never had strong evidence that they were doing it.

IF I were you, I'd call the CEO or whoever is head of the hospital and make an appointment asap. SIt down with them and show them the contract and tell them your story. Then SHOW them the ADA on paper. See what happens.


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Thank you easttexasnurse31!! I've felt strongly about this myself. The day this HR person said this to me I documented it. I di go ahead and contact an attorney and you are right. Back when this happened when i mentioned to the HR rep what he said he became irate and said it's my word against his. Due to my program skills I'm the one who remained calm since I knew I was telling the truth. I didn't want to pursue things legally but not only did this man say that to me and take away a job that was offered but he restricted me from any facility afiliated within this medical system which covers the majority of where I live. I knew I needed to contact a lawyer to cover myself and protect my reputation. I'm a single mother and a good, safe rehablilitated nurse who is looking for work. Thanks for your support. keep ya posted.:bugeyes:

Magsulfate, BSN, RN

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wow, good luck, and don't give up!! If you ever need to talk, you know where to come.. there is a lot of support here... :)


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I responded to you last night, but then the computer froze and I guess it didn't get posted.

Basically, I said the same thing about the ADA--I think that you have enough to probably express the "concern you have about being discriminated agains" My CM didn't do much, but when it was brought to her attention about a situation like that with me, she jumped on that in a heart beat. She also would express how much "SAFER" I was than say Nancy Nurse who no one knows about what she's doing. YOU however, have a proven track record of X number of clean urines, attendance records, sponsor, and most importantly, you have owned up to your sins. I think that says A LOT about your character.

But, then again the other side to this coin is, do you want to be somewhere where you can be "singled-out" and given a difficult time to? Because, lets face it, if someone wants to, they can make you miserable. Right? A little sidebar on this, why would they be bothered so much by you? Does he have his own demons? Just my opinion.

Anyway, you might want to get your CM involved. Might not be as harsh as an attorney.

Good luck. AND if it doesn't work out, then someone else will be BLESSED to have such a caring nurse who's honest. AND it will be their loss. I do believe that things happen sometimes for the better & maybe there is something better out there for you.

God bless!


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You might want to visit the Department of Health and Human Resources web site for the brochure about your rights under the ADA when it comes to hiring practices.


Good luck!


Magsulfate, BSN, RN

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Rutro.... The only thing his CM can do, (if she's a good one) is talk to the HR person and tell them about the program he's in. She won't really be able to tell HR that they were WRONG, even though they TOTALLY WERE. They don't get in the middle of ADA violations... I wish they did!!! Show those people a thing or two!~!!


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Hi to those of you who responded. I needed the lift today. I have composed quite the letter about my situation without 'accusing' discrimination but the underlying tone is there. I have CC'd it to 9 people, higher ups, ya know, board of trustees members, president and vp of the facility, the secretary of labor and workforce development etc. I'm asking for fairness, the application block to be lifted, and I wanted them to know exactly what happened. Yes, some lawyers agree I have a strong case but I've decidied to try to use the tools I learned in recovery first,,,honey before vinegar!! I was sitting here all nervous about mailing these---certified---to these important people but I AM telling the truth and deserve better. This is when my vulnerability of being an addict creeps back in. Not all medical personnel welcome those of us who are in recovery. But I'm fighting for my future. Thanks for the wisdom and support!! take care....:yeah:

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Good luck and i hope you get something sorted

Magsulfate, BSN, RN

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WAYYY TOOO GOOO!! Very good idea!! Mail those suckers! You will get action with that. :) :) Let us know what happens!!!


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Brantine, that is the way to do it! Sending my best wishes to you. Please, please, let us know what happens! :yeah:


You are doing the footwork and God will do the rest. Try not to get overwhelmed, our stressors have been known to help us use. Your in a difficult situation right now. You are doing the right thing. Are you still applying to other places?


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Thank you to all who responded. It means alot to me. Some days I'm confident and others i realize I'm in the 'real' world and not everyone "believes" in addiction or some say actions such as mine (I stole drugs) (I don't like to say divert...for me it sounds too clean. And that's for ME.) are unforgiveable. then there are days that I realize my life is good because I have a program, network, tools etc.....for those following my message...I just mailed off 10, yes, 10 letters to higher ups about my experience and asking for a meeting. See! Some times I'm strong!! Your support helped me get those out today!1 Now my son has his mom back....ODAAT....

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