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  1. RNRutRO

    Home Health on TPAPN

    Keep trying. Don't give up easily. Have you talked with your advocate to see if they can give you some ideas? It just depends where you interview and who you interview with. Do NOT, I repeat, NOT tell the "HR" person. Wait until you meet your ma...
  2. RNRutRO


    What does it take to be COS-C and what's the cost? If you don't mind me asking.
  3. RNRutRO

    Researching Home Health Care - Any help?

    ask away! We aren't shy. What kind of info do you want?
  4. RNRutRO

    What to be sure to do in orientation?

    I'm still laughing!! I guess having "crappy intake referral infrmation" is just a universal problem!! Funny how when we call the patient to set up apts, we find out ALL kinds of important stuff---like they are staying with a family member WAAAAAYYY...
  5. RNRutRO

    What to be sure to do in orientation?

    OMG!!! I had to laugh outloud when I read this!! At my last job we begged for this informtion
  6. RNRutRO

    TPAPN question

    That is so AWESOME!!! I am so happy for you. I said the same thing about being an advocate, yet I haven't done it. It's been almost TWO years. LOL. I do feel like I should, but then again, I also feel like I wouldn't be a good one. We will see....
  7. RNRutRO

    TPAPN question

    It has been a long long road!! And the finish line is in site!! I remember when you were looking for a job. Did you stay in Victoria in med surg??? Have you thought about being an advocate once you are done???
  8. RNRutRO

    TPAPN question

    Lance- First off--CONGRATS MY FRIEND!!!!!! I don't remember what the success rate of TPAPN is, but I was shocked when I found out it wasn't that high! You are in the last stretch of this road. Be prepared to take your two UA tests earlier in...
  9. RNRutRO

    Pay for RN doing home health care in Houston

    Robert2010- From what I have seen in Houston area, LVN's who become RN's have to have a year experience before most will hire you. Even if you had a year experience as an LVN---go figure! I've actually seen nurses that were LVN's and then becam...
  10. RNRutRO

    Home Health on TPAPN

    please do check with your cm (i truly hope you don't have the ole bat i had, but apparently, she was what i needed at the time) i did find that sometimes the "rules" would change while in the program. it also depends on where you are at in t...
  11. RNRutRO

    Tested positive for dilaudid

    Magsulfate----Ummm, I'm sorry, I think I'm the QUEEN OF TEXAS AND TPAPN!!! I kid, I kid!! I'm right there with you. I read the post, and guess we think too much alike. Something doesn't pass the sniff test. Magsulfate and I both have bee...
  12. RNRutRO

    Home Health on TPAPN

    Actually, here in Texas it is very possible to do. I know from experience. There is an extra page in the contract you have to agree to along with employer, but I didn't find it too difficult. One thing was, I had to make a face to face contact, and p...
  13. RNRutRO

    Oasis C

    Took a really good class on it (we'll see when I actually have to do a real one) It did away with what I thought was silly questions, and clarified others. I think with all things new, there will be a learning curve but overall good. However, it l...
  14. RNRutRO

    what a day

    Thanks for the laugh. I thought I was the only one that had days like that--ha! Except, mine usually involve rain, and waiting at some gate trying to talk to Merdle who can't hear me to open the gate for me. All the while, I'm getting soaked since...
  15. RNRutRO

    teaching guides

    Chimers-Help! I looked up that book on Amazon. Am I doing it wrong? I only see 1 USED available, and it's $999 (that's more than a bit pricey to me) I've seen this book before, and it is good. But seriously, am I doing something wrong, or is the...