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Hi All,

I am new to this board, and just wanted to say hi. I am currently an emergency room RN in southcentral PA. Very very busy ER. This is my 6th year in the ER and my 9th year in nursing.

Is anyone else extremely tired of winter and ready for spring??


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Hi, veetach. Winter on the central coast of CA can be very mild, and it is this year. No snow, like you are seeing. Not even much rain as of late. But ER is ER and we've got as much 'busy' as anywhere else in the country! In order to escape winter for a couple of weeks, you might consider a short term travel assignment to a CA emergency dept. Just don't bring the snow with you!


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welcome veetach,,, was born and raised outside of pittsburg,,, living now in northwest panhandle of fl,,, i miss indian summers,,, but you all can have all of the snow,,,, lol,,,

reminding me of why i moved,,,,

be prepared to become addicted!!! you are in the company of some wonderful ppl,,,,,, ~kitamoon

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Veetach I am in central Ohio and yes I am very tired of winter. Supposed to be sunny today then rain and snow for something like 5 days straight. UGH. Welcome.


Sarah, RNBScN

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Welcome...I am new as well veetach. Hope to share some things with you. From the great white north - CANADA. It'll be 10 years in May for my nursing career. I'm still learning...


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Welcome veetach, glad to have you on the board. I am in south western PA.

And welcome to you too Sarah, glad your here!

Sarah, RNBScN

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Thanks Kaycee!

Glad to be on board. It's a very interesting site. I have alot to learn in using it.


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Well, all I can say from Texas, where winter is almost non existent is that I am jealous. Every year our family pays thousands to travel on a winter ski vacation and just visit the snow. I keep telling my husband that when he retires (in 8 years) that we are moving North. I suggested Alaska, where I can ride a snowmobile to work 8 months out of the year. He suggested the north east or the Rocky Mtns. I would be happy with either. Isn't it funny that we always want what we don't have. I can't wait to come and put snow tires and chains on my vehicle. My husband just thinks about all the new winter tools he can buy at the home improvement store. Guess we will both be happy then. Welcome from the deep south.


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Hello! Welcome to the boards!!!! I guess we are Neighbors...I am in SC PA too and totally sick of the snow! All of it piled up everywhere is depressing!

Maybe we will have a nice spring :)



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pointhope, you can always come to PA, I will give you all the snow you can handle! LOL

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, I am anxious to get into some good ER discussions on here!


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welcome..ER nurse here too...in southwest OHIO....LR


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ps....l hate summer.....and if you want to light a fire on this BB.....bring up drug seeking.......yikes!

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