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Hi, Iam new here. I am in my second year of nursing school...but I dont start til january...because I got a D in the 2nd semester last year...I just got burnt out, so I quite studing...I was doing my OB rotation---that was hard. but Iam glad I found this site. Iam sure I will be asking questions in the future.


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Hello and Welcome.

Come here for boosts whenever you feel the urge!! :)


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Welcome , best of luck to you next semester.


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Welcome to the BB

Good luck in January, dont' be afraid to ask ! Very helpful and friendly people here at Allnurses !


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Hello Heather! Welcome



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thanks for your warm welcomings.


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heather, and welcome!


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hi heather!

welcome to bb. it's great that you haven't been

discouraged. we're all needed.

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Hi Heather!

And welcome to the boards!


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Hey Heatherc,,,,,

Welcome to allnurses,,,,, I know you will find the support you need here,,,,,

Good luck,,,,, keep your eye on the goal!!!! We need good nurses!!!!!!



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Welcome Heather! This is a great BB , learning and laughing alot

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