Hey you guys, Im an RN!!!!!!


Well, I did it. Graduated. Pinning was last night. My speech went well, they actually laughed when I hoped they would. AND, I got the award for Academic Excellence.Not bad for someone who quit high school and took a GED all those years ago. Yahoo!!!!!Im an RN.Who would have thought. Thanks to everyone here at Allnurses who gave me encouragement when I needed it.:nurse: :biggringi


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congratulations on graduating and receiving the excellent award!


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What an achievement! You should be so proud of yourself!!!

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Congrats!!!!!! Awesome! Woot! YAY!

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cheer_2.gif Whooooooot !!!

Great job ! Super.... pat yourself on the back, and be pleased. Be VERY pleased ! :D

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Congratulations !! What a relief !!

Feels great , doesn't it??

You have really worked and sacrificed and stuck with it ....

Now, in the real world, you will occasionally have to put up with some jerk who will insinuate that you had all the advantages in life and thats why your'e a nurse,

and "poor little me"......."I never had the advantages you did, or I wouldn't be HERE in this situation."

That's when you recall how you worked and how much it COST you in terms of family, time, energy, etc., and give the the yo-yo

a reality blast of what all you sacrificed to get that RN designation.

I always enjoy that.... :)

You haven't taken boards?

So, don't sign RN after your name yet....

There's another thread on here where a grad signed RN after her name, prior to passing boards, and she's being ordered to appear before her state Board of Nursing.

Again, Best of Luck.....What a great way to end the year...

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:D Congrats!!!!


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Congratulations!!! :) :) :)

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:nurse: :balloons:

super effort ! and congratulations !

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Congrats! We knew you could do it! You've come a long way baby!:balloons: :nurse: :nurse: :balloons: :biggringi

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