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Originally posted by MedMalLawyer

I come here because I am interested in what nurses have to say about patient care and hospital politics.

I am a defense attorney who is interested in Health Law. I come here because I care about nurses. I know you are generally overworked and under appreciated. Who knows maybe someday I will be able to help you effect change.

Hey!..I gotta question for you then!...Are you or do you know lawyers that specialize in dealing with BON's as far as "impaired nurses", nurses that have been caught diverting meds or misusing meds??.....I know of a few nurses that could use some good representation, and this doesn't seem to be an area that many lawyers have experience with.........Thanks!!:D

J. B.

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Whow !!!I remember when it was my turn . It seems so long ago. Great job and you will have many more wonderful memories for the life experience you shall encounter will mold and shape you. You will learn quickly that you will learn from your patients much more than you teach them. Life is a learning experience and to here of your early challenges from HS I know you will bring great insight and wisdom to the bedside.

I for one have always felt that the care we provide goes far beyong the bedside. The lives we touch whether they are patients , family or friend can impact the lives of others that we may never see or hear about.

You have a great journey before you may you minister with love and kindness that rewards you in countless ways.

Keep it simple and find the angles where ever you can. All you have to do is look for them and the joys will follow.

May your journey forever excite you.


J. B.

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Welcome and great to have you here. As with any RN and incounters with Risk management some may be causious when a Lawyer is present. Personally I like that you are interested. There are a number of Nurses that pursue Law after their Nursing degrees. It is a great combination but as with Medicine and Law there are inheriant tensions.

Anyway welcome and thanks for being here I am sure your insights will and can be of great value to all.

If you are interested in the legistlative groups they are here and if interested in the issue of Patient Nurse rratios you may wnat to check out the thread "I wrote to Dr. Phil" in the General section.

You can find it by going to my profle and listing all my post. some where down the list from the top you find a few that I have posted there. Doing this will help you find it more easily.

Again welcome



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I just finished yesterday, graduation scheduled for January. Oh my, what a relief. Of course, now my mind races to think of the future :p

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment!


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