Itt, unfair exit Hesi policy

  1. not sure of I can post this here, but here it is, trying to get support and help for people that have completed ITT Breckinridge Nursing program but have yet to score an 850 on their exit Hesi therefore they are not allowed to sit for boards. This is unfair seeing that some of these students have 3.7 GPA's and some of the students that graduated, passed the Hesi did not pass their NCLEX
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  2. Poll: do you think holding one's diploma, repeating classes already passed is fair?

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  4. by   teacher08
    Was like that in Chicago City College. Worked for a few years or so then the new CCC president changed the policy. If you passed the nursing program you sit for NCLEX. HESI could not be utilized as an exit exam determining if you sit for NCLEX therefore, previous grdauates as far back as 5 years had to attend a NCLEX review courses and subsequently sit for boards.

    HESI was used as a predictive exam to ASSUME how well one would POSSIBLY score on the NCLEX. Not a guarantee. I know plenty of people who passed HESI in the program and sat for boards two or more times. Some people fail HESI and subsequently pass NCLEX on the first time.
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    If students are told upfront that getting a score of 850 on the HESI is a requirement to graduate, and they failed to obtain that score, then yes, it is fair as students had plenty of notice and plenty of time to prepare. Passing or failing nursing school is no guarantee that one will pass or fail NCLEX. Failing to complete graduation requirements means that one has not graduated and therefore the diploma is not being "held"; it was not earned in the first place and therefore the student is not eligible to sit for NCLEX. Holding all students to policies regarding graduation is fair; whether the HESI itself is fair or not is another debate.
  6. by   zionsma
    The Hesi policy was implemented at the beginning of the last quarter. and that's what the petition is based on, not that the Hesi has to be taken, just the implementation and the refusal to give diplomas upon completion of the program.
  7. by   zionsma
    CCC, has a remediation program for people that dont pass the exit exam, do you know anyone that has attended, or is attending a CCC nursing program. I am trying to get a hold of a class description.
    I agree with the Hesi not being used as a predictive exam, we are taught in this format, then when it comes to the "real" boards, we bomb!!!! it's the school's fault, but the students are being punished!!
  8. by   mdgeans107
    HELP!! I am a nursing "student" who completed the nursing program at Breckinridge School of Nursing of ITT Tech of Fort Wayne, IN in March. My degree is being held hostage by the school due to me not passing the exit hesi exam. I am now being required to remediate classes that I have already passed before I will be allowed to be scheduled for the Hesi exam again. I am not the only student that is in this predicament. I have been talking to one other student who communicates with the other students more than I do. We have been talking about joining forces to complain to our school's corporate office as a starting point. But others do not want to rock the boat for fear of retaliation. I know that one person being persistent and consistent can make a difference, but at the same time the more support received from others can be more beneficial. I just want to obtain my degree, take the NCLEX and become the best nurse that God has called me to be!!! I have become quite bitter in a sense about this ordeal, but I know that my dream of becoming a nurse will not be stopped because of one test. Any advice!?!
  9. by   Esme12
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  10. by   mengil
    there was no mention of the hesi exit exam in registration . i didn't find out about it until my third sem. and that you cant graduate till passing it is unfair.
  11. by   mcoomer
    Our HESI scores were raised to 900 this past semester. As well as being used for our Final grade. The graduating class above me has been held from taking the NCLEX if the HESI was not passed. I did however find out that this is NOT to be happening (here in KY). You can send your transcript (here in KY) to the KBN (KY Board of Nursing) if you passed all classes & graduated to request to sit to take the NCLEX & not wait for the school to turn in their list (of those that passed the HESI). You don't have to wait.
  12. by   springchick1
    They have decided to start using the HESI at our school and we just started 3rd semester. I'm sure there is something in the one print of the handbook saying that the school can do what it wants. We have to make a certain score and it counts as 5% of our grade. It's just one if those things. I suggestion you go to class they are offering and just do your best to pass. Your so close. Good luck!
  13. by   YourHero
    It's very unfortunate, I recently had a few students who were due to graduate return to our class to take things they already took before. It's a cruel way to gain insight on who they may believe will pass. Maybe you should first consult legal consultation then start a petition on I'm sure most students will sign it.
  14. by   green34
    That's what our school does. It's not with HESI but a similar test. We have to get a 97 on it. Not sure if it is a percent or the percentile.
  15. by   seriouslyserious
    i'm not sure how to articulate this, but here it goes.

    i either read this here or a faculty member disclosed this. they implemented the HESI to keep borderline students from continuing their nursing education. this means, the 80% grade student (prior to the HESI) fails because the HESI brought their grade down to a 79.9%. ultimately, a college/university/etc... is a business. from what i remember, there are statistics correlating NCLEX passing rates and campuses. these figures dictate their accreditation, enrollment, etc... and based on the initial post, i'm not sure how much (if any) relation there is between the HESI and NCLEX. i know people assume they reflect one another, but i would like to see a blind study by somebody/organization with no ulterior motive.