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Examine and identify a professional issue where your role as a professional nurse allows you to function as an advocate within the healthcare system. Reflect upon the increased advocacy opportunities as a Baccalaureate-prepared nurse.

Lots of people post homework here. We help, but we don't do it. If you post your ideas, we will help refine.

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What year are you in? You can't think of any situation in which you'd have to be an advocate?

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At the very least, try to rephrase your question in your own words. When people see you've done the 10 second copy-paste-submit, it just leaves the impression you don't want to expend too much effort in the endeavor.

I just earned my ADN this past Spring after going back to school. Already held an advanced degree in another discipline. It sounds like you're first year. Tell you what. I remember this article from Nursing 4. I'm sure you might get some ideas from it. I'd also suggest your class create a Facebook page (Yes I know, who uses that?) to be able to help one another.

A Pacemaker Wrecks a Family's Life - The New York Times

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WOW! was just asking for suggestions. No reason to be a Smart A$$.

In all honesty your question as posted appears to be homework, and while we are always will to help we get tired of people not doing their own work. If you had posted the question with some of your thoughts on patient advocacy or questions on where you would go to find evidence based research you would have gotten different answers. Even if you said "I am a student and need some help here" Your question however appears to be directly from a textbook so it might be best to ask your instructor if you need help.

We were all students at one time and know how hard it was, but we also learned to do our own work in the process because in the long run that's how you learn anything.


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Okay everyone just chill. If you see that a nursing student has posted asking for assistance, please click on the yellow triangle, report it and then staff will be glad to remove it.

Just to pile on the poster is not cool. We were all students once...

Thread moved to nursing student assistance.

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Google Scholar is a wonderful resource, try looking up nursing advocacy

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