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Help!! Nursing Debate

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I am currently in a RN-BSN program and i have to come up with a current issue in Nursing to debate in front of my class. If you know of any good topics/issues please let me know! Thanks

How about Physician Assisted Suicide?? For my sociology class I surveyed nurses w/ all backgrounds and education levels. The answers varied which made the subject interesting and enlightening. I made a 4.0 in the class and a large part of it was d/t my survey. It will be a lively debate, I promise! You won't get the answers you may expect. I can email you a copy of the survey questions to go by if u like.

Nothing stirs people up on this site like the union vs non-union issue. Though on second thought it might start a riot, considering how heated that topic gets around here.

gonzo1, ASN, RN

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A lively debate (heated) usually ensues when one brings up ADN vs BSN.

RunnerRN, BSN, RN

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I don't know if union vs non union is good for nsg school - that was really something I didn't start to think about until I was out of school. Physician assisted suicide is a good one - there was a movie in the 80s (I think called "Whose Life is it Anyway") that dealt w this issue. In school, we had to do pretty much the same thing. I would stay away from the general hot button issues like abortion, because those will cause more of a fight - at least they did in my class.

To do adn vs bsn, you have to have a diverse group of ppl....and a BSN group isn't quite diverse in the educational aspect :) Plan B, availability of health care to all, should McD's and other fast food restaurants be held accountable, etc etc etc.

Good luck!

It might seem a bit dull, however, Primary VS Team Nursing is being discussed in my area. More specifically, how to deliver the best, most timely, and efficient patient care with the least number of nurses.

Stem Cell Research will get a debate rolling...

weirdRN, RN

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How about universal healthcare vs private healthcare?

Faeriewand, ASN, RN

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Plan B!

We had to this in our Legal Ethics class. Some topics were:

1. Is multistate licensure a good idea for nursing

2. Is the nursing shortage true or is it just hype?

3. Do side rails protects patients

4. Are organ trasnplant allocation fair.

5. Should patients know their nurses HIV status and vice versa

6. Is profession Liability Insurance necessary for nurses

ktwlpn, LPN, RN

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How about reality re-orientation vs. "therapeutic lying" aka-validation and ressurance for Alzheimer's and other dementia pts? See thread "pacify or orientate? Alzheimers... " in the geriatric/ltc forum........:wink2:

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