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I have 2 years exp. as a psych nurse, 1.5 as a MH counselor, and a BA in psychology

Job A: 32 hours in a psych hospital; 24 hours eves on a 6-bed unit where I'd be the only nurse--I'm not so much concerned about safety (pts are less acute/screened out for hx of violence), but missing having co-workers around/feeling lonely. other 8 hrs would be as admission nurse for the hospital. Pay is good, but Id rather not be on eves (my SO will probably work days). I would get a stronger psych foundation (the 2 yrs of exp I have is only working PT/PD).

Job B: FT "Health and Wellness Nurse" for MH agency; I would be involved in creating health/wellness education programs, doing staff trainings (for MHW's), case mangement, advising on medically compromised pts (HTN, diabetes, in residential programs), supervise 2 other health/wellness educators. The job sounds exciting- I like advising and education, and the shifts are days! However, I don"t have much supervisory experience and I'm worried I might have too little experience.

I have been offered Job A will hear back from Job B on Wed; I just wanted to ask ahead of time/in case to get the most responses!


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Out of all the sentences in your post, here's what I heard the loudest:

"The job sounds exciting- I like advising and education, and the shifts are days!"

You need to be excited about any new position! A little worry (about your lack of supervisory experience) will give you a focus for your new experience.

Added plus - complimentary shifts with your SO. Where's the downside?!

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I think option B sounds better, especially since you sound more enthusiastic about it as the previous poster mentioned. For job A, the fact that you would be working 24 hours evenings alone would concern me. How can you expect to learn once you are off orientation if you don't have someone working with you? Also, like you said, it would probably get lonely and you wouldn't see your SO as often as you'd like so your overall job satisfaction probably wouldn't be so great. Just my two cents though.


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I'm not a nurse, but Job B sounds like it will offer more useful experience that will be great for your career. Plus, you are excited about it and can work the shift you want. If you get the job I say go with that one.


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I also say Option B is better. Like the others have said it benefits you the most. But I have a question to ask you, did you receive an ADN or BSN nursing degree? Were you a nurse first or received your psychology degree first? I'm asking this because, I've been interested in psychology since taking prereq's in college, but always wanted to be a nurse. I currently have an LPN license and I'm thinking about going back to school for psychology since obtaining my RN degree is difficult right now based on my circumstances. My question is, do you think it's possible to be a psch nurse with my LPN license?


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Thanks for your advice, all!

I guess I feel like I should get more experience in the hospital/with "basic" assessment skills, as I've never worked FT as a nurse before--the past 2 years, work has been secondary to school. I guess, I know I like working on an inpatient unit- that's what I do now-- And I'm a bit nervous about trying something new, especially if I don't end up liking it. Although client interaction is only one piece, I'll be working with much more chronically ill clients, and from working in a group home, I know there are lots of problems with the system (most of my clts will be in group homes/community residences)--staff training/education, chronic client behavioral problems, funding problems, etc etc. I am excited to work to improve/change some of these issues, but I know it will not happen overnight. Job B will be much more of a responsibility than A. I guess part of me likes the idea of coming home at the end of each shift and being *done* (no long-term projects, deadlines, etc). This is what appeals about Job A.

Josinda- I received by ADN first. It's definitely possible to be a psych nurse as an LPN; however, an RN definitely opens up more options-- You may be discriminated against in the hiring process, will most likely make less $, and won't be eligible for some of the community mental health jobs-- UNLESS you have years of experience. A BA in psych is great, but it doesn't open up any job options besides those in psychology research, and those don't pay well (


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I would choose option B. Now to choose which job I should take. I'm in a similar boat. ha ha ha ha


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Exnavygirl- What are the 2 jobs you are deciding between?


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I'm voting for "B". You sound like a people person. You'll be happier with other nurses around. You need the stimulation of constant new things to learn. It seems to fit you better.

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You could always pick up a per diem psych floor nursing job and work a weekend shift every now and then if you want to learn/keep up your floor nursing skills.

Also, if you choose option B and really don't like it, you can always look for a new job. Not everyone finds their new job to be a good fit and end up choosing to move onto something else.

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I wanted to add also, that if hands-on hospital nursing appeals to you, maybe you could keep looking for a different hospital nursing job that better suits you. One that involves working with other nurses, not being charge, and possibly better hours?


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I responded to your original post a few days ago when you were choosing between the Psych job and the Dr. Office. Although you seem excited about job B I still feel that you are leaning towards the Psych job because that's what you know and you're comfortable. Again you have to choose and make this decision for yourself! Job B would be gaining more experience but I think you want us to say take the Psych job.

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