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First off I am a former student of Broward College nursing program who now desires to or shall I say attend Keiser University Fort. Lauderdale campus. I do not feel Keiser is a rip off, actually I considered it as my first choice to do my nursing. Why I decide to go with Broward College is because was closer to my home and kids. 2. I wanted to experience what Broward College had to offer me regardless of the "nah sayers" (mind you I had heard rumors about that school reputation as well). 3. Cost wasn't a big issue for me. Well Broward College was not for me. Maybe one day I'll share my experience on

Therefore Keiser it is. I start Monday I have to take computers and redo Micro other than that, they accepted all my credits and I will not pay more that $35,000 give or take scholarships that I plan to receive. Contact Keiser and see for yourself.

When I hear the term rip off. I assume the school you, I, or anyone goes too will experience something like this. Said school signs you up, and not teach you anything, you graduate no job, no career, and a hefty student loan too pay back. Or.... That's just way to much money for a ADN degree.

Well I do know this. If nursing is for you; you would want to research what school is best for you. Cost is something to think about. However when I chose Keiser I went to the campus and did a tour. I stopped current students (nursing) and asked them how do they feel about the school, education, the cost, etc. I received all good feedback. I also stopped by Dade Medical College, FCC, as well. I didn't like it at all. I visited Keiser 2 times before I made my decision and I happy with it. I plan on getting a Masters in Nursing so I know I'm going to have owe a lot of money, but I also know that I will also make enough to pay it off. With my high earning job, and years of experience that all started at Keiser. I'm not just saying this I've been on this site long enough to know the ends and outs about nursing, and besides I worked in a one of Broward's best Healthcare system and trust and believe me. All there looking for is a Florida Board Of Nursing License with your name on it. Not Keiser, Broward College, Nova etc. They don't care what you GPA is either because in nursing the saying is C's get degrees.

Best of luck to you and I hope you find a school that is worth your time and money.


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@Fearless_leader I'm currently in the same boat. I've been at MDC since last august completing my pre-reqs I met with a counselor on thrusday and I will be starting this fall to knock out my natural sciences and start the nursing core program January 2015. I will be attending the Miami campus, and when I look at the NCLEX pass rates on Florida board of nursing for this particular campus, its not on there, any ideas as to why not?


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A rip off? I don't think so, many graduates come out of there very well prepared and succeed. Too expensive? Definitely! But most private schools are.


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I just graduated from the PSL campus and I got an amazing education. The teachers genuinely care if you pass/fail and are a great resource. But that being said, don't think Bc this is a private school and you pay a lot that your grade is handed to you on a silver platter Bc it will not be. You will work your booty off ...or you should if you don't put the effort. After all, we want strong, highly educated RNs in the field, right?

Our pass/fail ratio is pretty good! It's a new program but from the 4 cohorts we have graduate, 1 or 2 failed on first attempt at nclex.

As for price, it's not really THAT bad since you are just doing the core. Plus, in my opinion, I'd rather pay the extra $ then wait on a list or pray I get in somewhere else.

I have heard the stories and know the reputation but if this is what you want, go for it. I was reluctant for quite some time but now, looking back, I should have done this much sooner.

Good luck to you!!


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Oh and I got a job before I even graduated because of our reputation for being strong graduates in the area...

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The pass rates for Keiser Orlando RN students on their NCLEX for 12/2013 was 100% w 19 students. I've heard of keiser for a long time but was apprehensive because of price. After seeing the pass rate I was curious and went to meet w an advisor. I've been looking into scholarships and I work at a local hospital so I have options to help pay for school. Look into scholarships and grants. Apply apply apply. I think it's worth at least looking into. Let me know how it goes.


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Check into your areas workforce solutions - unemployment agency. I was given a $7500 scholarship because I couldn't find a worthwhile job that would support my family unless I went back to school!!!!

This post has helped me alot as well a few students who also tend keiser i start my pre reqs at lake Sumter this fall and apply to their nursing they are very competive and the commute to Orlando will be a headache but worth it if i get accepted to keiser and to think that negativity almost made me not attend. Thanks guys!


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what would you say was the hardest semester?


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I wouldn't say it's rip off, since it is regionally accredited. But I think the cost is outrageous and it is not worth the money. There are so many other options, but if you are not accepted into any other programs then do your prereqs at a public school to bring down the cost a little. I would really do your research though. I had a friend attend the Lakeland campus and they started out with 24 and ended up with 10. So even though they may have a good NCLEX pass rate it's important to know how many students actually sat for it.


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I tell my friends that all the time if your trying to save money take your pre reqs some where else and just come to keiser to take your majors since its more easier to get in. I don't know about any other campus I can only speak for melbourne campus and they have a good nursing program, majority of all students finish and take they nclex the following week and pass. and in my opinion keiser is worth it cause they have great teachers you actually learn and feel confident. I been at keiser since 09, I went to a community college for a summer to see how it is if I wanted to try to obtain my nursing from there and i felt so lost. I honestly think I was just use to keiser learning style. but I never felt that lost at keiser.

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I feel the same way as far as being lost at comm college. I'm at Valencia now taking nutrition and I haven't had the best experience. Emailing professors and waiting 3 weeks for a response. Grading things only every few weeks it's like how would I know if I'm grasping the info or need to work on something? It's different. But also a lot cheaper so if it's worth it to go that route then that's fine. For me you truly get what you pay for. I've had a great experience at Keiser so it is more expensive however I feel I'm getting my money's worth

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