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  1. VegasVet

    West Coast University Miami (Doral), Florida

    Buuuut its like 15K a semester, are you serious? For nursing?
  2. VegasVet

    FIU Generic BSN 2014

    Hi, of those that DID get admitted, do you mind sharing your stats with me? Thank you!
  3. I'm currently a LPN student, I'm also a victim advocate at my local rape crisis center, I handle intake as far as the hotline and I will be getting my state certification in a few weeks. My end goal is to become a SANE nurse both Adult & Peds. Is doing the bridge to RN then bridge to BSN a smart choice?? Or should I be on the BSN track immediately after LPN?
  4. VegasVet

    What inspired you to be a nurse?

    I was in the Air Force stationed in Germany, and volunteered with the wounded warrior project at Landstuhl hospital. The way those nurses dealt with the evening PTSD nightmares and interacting with the new patients was so inspiring. I was also a victim advocate for my base in Ramstein, so naturally SANE nursing is my path.
  5. VegasVet

    FIU Generic BSN 2014

    @Lj26 I JUST had mine done. I have insurance throught the VA and you get one every year hoever their next appointment is also 3 months away, my imminization record is in Germany somewhere. I went to CHI in perrine, and they did one, but forgot the Rubeola titer, so I had the shot to complete the titer and get it over with. Also, if you are a Florida native, and went to high school here there's a system that can be accessed by a doctors office showing your immunizations, you can just call and ask your doctors office if they can check for you. I hope that helps.
  6. VegasVet

    NOVA 2014 admissions entry level BSN

    Hi meggyfletcher! Congrats on being accepted!!! Do you mind if I ask, what was your overall GPA?
  7. VegasVet

    2014 Miami Tuition Rates

    Right, thats correct, I'm currently a MDC student taking my per-requisites, and I plan on transferring there.
  8. VegasVet

    2014 Miami Tuition Rates

    WOW! I had NO idea. I'm VERY new to Miami, and in a BSN google search these schools come up, but they never say the tuition over the phone, or by email. Schedule a "tour" and we'll go over it, is now a "red flag" for me.
  9. VegasVet

    2014 Miami Tuition Rates

    Okay, I strongly dislike when I'm not told upfront about tuition until after I've wasted hours "touring" campuses and being ooh'ed and awed. Keiser University Tuition PER SEMESTER is 7400 + a 450 educational fee. West Coast University is.................wait for it.............. 17000 per semester. Does not have, Florida Board of Nursing NCLEX pass rates because they have yet to have a graduating nursing class, they just opened April 2014. They also, do not have a GI Bill program in place for you veterans out there. Uniforms and books are not included in these tuition prices. I'm going to NSU next week to be informed. Let me know if you have anymore questions, because the answers i WENT TO THE SCHOOL to find out were not available online.
  10. VegasVet

    Anyone taking summer classes?

    Hi team! I'm taking Intro to psych, computers online and enc 1102 on saturday mornings. During the week I have my PCT program M-F 8-2
  11. VegasVet

    Cuurently in Pre Reqs Stage

    Wow 7?! There's only 6 of us in the CLASS! Its a 600 hour program, and divided into 7 different components. I believe its a total of approximately 5 months. You're right about the PCT program encompassing the CNA, at the Robert Morgan program, after you finish the second component which is called OCP 2, you are eligible to get your CNA license from the state, and take the skills test from Prometric. I'm happy that you say it prepared you for the nursing program because, I have yet to meet anyone that went this particular route. Thanks for you response @tnicnat, I appreciate it!
  12. VegasVet

    Cuurently in Pre Reqs Stage

    @tnicnat I'm currently in school for PCT I'm entering my 3rd week at Robert Morgan, so far so good. We haven't started clinicals yet. Did you take your CNA exam while in the program?
  13. VegasVet

    Help!! Is Keiser University a rip-off???

    @Fearless_leader I'm currently in the same boat. I've been at MDC since last august completing my pre-reqs I met with a counselor on thrusday and I will be starting this fall to knock out my natural sciences and start the nursing core program January 2015. I will be attending the Miami campus, and when I look at the NCLEX pass rates on Florida board of nursing for this particular campus, its not on there, any ideas as to why not?
  14. VegasVet

    Cuurently in Pre Reqs Stage

    Thank you Chris for you feedback! @pmabraham, preview, lecture, review & study has been an effective tool for me since I started my pre req' thanks to that particular feed! Thank you!
  15. VegasVet

    Cuurently in Pre Reqs Stage

    Okay, that's what I was thinking. Its by the grade. Is she currently in the program now? I'm aiming for the Jan 2015 start date.
  16. VegasVet

    Cuurently in Pre Reqs Stage

    I'm going to keiser, in the fall and taking ENG1102 on the weekends, Intro to Psych, and Computers online this summer as well as getting my CNA & PCT certificate during the week. I'm going to Keiser and they have human anatomy 1 & 2 in month long classes. 4 weeks per class. It has me wondering about the course load & if it will be too much for me for those heavy sciences only being 4 weeks long??