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Help! Advice needed HPRP Michigan

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I need some advice! I have been told that I am most likely going to be offered a monitoring agreement after a dui conviction( 1st offense) last year. I am wondering if it is worth getting the second opinion and meeting with the addictionologist??? Also wondering if anyone has met with one which one they met with or who they would recommend and what to expect. I am so worried about entering an agreement with all the stipulations that I might lose my job. I want to do everything possible to make sure that doesn’t happen. I have no history of any substance abuse and I do not have any issues with alcoholism, it was a one time mistake that I have definitely paid for. Any advice would we welcomed!!

I’m in MI too, about to start my tango with this lovely program due to a DUI as well.

Best advice you will ever hear: lawyer up. Check out the TAANA.org website to find a nurse attorney who has experience defending against board action and HPRP.

I would heed the advice of your counsel like your life depended on it and let them do the talking and don’t sign a THING until they’ve advised you. They can often advise you of how to proceed in ways that will mitigate the damage to you and your license, even if you have to get involved with the program. (better contract stipulation etc)

I attempted to find an addictionologist that was accepting new patients and couldn’t find anybody. I started getting PEth tests to prove sobriety, and will also have all my negative USD screens and AA verification from my probation officer as well. That could be worth looking into. One of the things the lawyer can hopefully help you with is finding an evaluator that is less shady and perhaps getting a preemptive evaluation (from a certified evaluator) that looks more favorable than the one HPRP is going to try and rig up for you using the evaluator they choose.

I’d consult an attorney yesterday.

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I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I am also in MI. From what I’ve read on this forum getting a DUI is pretty much a one way ticket into HPRP. You’ll have to meet with an HPRP person for an evaluation about your drug/alcohol/mental health assessment. Never admit to any previous drug use, not even “ I tried pot once in high school 20 years ago” they’ll say you have a moderate drug problem. Deny Deny Deny.. that can’t prove you’re past use. If you voluntarily sign up for the program a lawyer won’t be able to work out the requirements of the program like No narcotics access or keys for 6 months or what shifts you can work. Hiring a lawyer before you sign might allow some restrictions to be lifted. I’d definitely take advantage of free consultations and see who you like. There are a few MI nurses on here in the program, plus you’ll get such amazing support on here.

Prayers... This forum has helped so much! I haven’t even heard from the BON but I know it’s coming.