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  1. MiRN07

    2nd Opinion Successful???

  2. MiRN07

    2nd Opinion Successful???

    Yeah I have tried them a few times already
  3. MiRN07

    2nd Opinion Successful???

    So you think even though it is typically the addictionists that guide the treatment plan, they don’t typically follow their recommendations? I have been trying to contact many law firms however with the current state of things no one is responding.
  4. MiRN07

    2nd Opinion Successful???

    I self reported last year for a dui through a lawyer.. was contacted by HPRP the end of this January. So I did not agree with the first evaluation and frankly it was a mess of an experience. So I requested the second evaluation.
  5. MiRN07

    2nd Opinion Successful???

    I did not agree with my first evaluation for HPRP so I opted to do a second opinion with an addictionist..the eval went well and the Dr had said he didn’t see a reason for further monitoring... what are the chances of HPRP listening to the second evaluation????
  6. I need some advice! I have been told that I am most likely going to be offered a monitoring agreement after a dui conviction( 1st offense) last year. I am wondering if it is worth getting the second opinion and meeting with the addictionologist??? Also wondering if anyone has met with one which one they met with or who they would recommend and what to expect. I am so worried about entering an agreement with all the stipulations that I might lose my job. I want to do everything possible to make sure that doesn’t happen. I have no history of any substance abuse and I do not have any issues with alcoholism, it was a one time mistake that I have definitely paid for. Any advice would we welcomed!!
  7. MiRN07

    NRS 490 Capstone at GCU

    I am just starting my capstone class at GCU, I am just wondering if anyone has taken this class and could offer any advice. I am in week one and already feel overwhelmed and not sure exactly how to proceed. I have to do an individual success plan and I am having a hard time figuring that out. So if anyone has taken this class and could offer me any guidance I would appreciate it greatly.

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