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AbbeyR has 21 years experience as a ADN, BSN.

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  1. AbbeyR

    Super nervous about new job

    If this a job you want go for it! We all have a past and if anyone would be so bold to say anything, it’s a bad reflection on them, not you. I wish you the best and you should be so incredibly proud you have success in your recovery! It’s great you can return somewhere you have been before for a second chance.
  2. AbbeyR

    Class Action Lawsuit

  3. AbbeyR

    HR wants meeting or report me to BON

    I was never tested and did a hair follicle test on my own and it was negative
  4. AbbeyR

    Help! Advice needed HPRP Michigan

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I am also in MI. From what I’ve read on this forum getting a DUI is pretty much a one way ticket into HPRP. You’ll have to meet with an HPRP person for an evaluation about your drug/alcohol/mental health assessment. Never admit to any previous drug use, not even “ I tried pot once in high school 20 years ago” they’ll say you have a moderate drug problem. Deny Deny Deny.. that can’t prove you’re past use. If you voluntarily sign up for the program a lawyer won’t be able to work out the requirements of the program like No narcotics access or keys for 6 months or what shifts you can work. Hiring a lawyer before you sign might allow some restrictions to be lifted. I’d definitely take advantage of free consultations and see who you like. There are a few MI nurses on here in the program, plus you’ll get such amazing support on here. Prayers... This forum has helped so much! I haven’t even heard from the BON but I know it’s coming.
  5. AbbeyR

    The perfect storm

    We are all here you for. This forum has been my saving grace. Did you only take 1 urine drug test? I’d definitely get a hair test to show you don’t have the drug in question in your hair. what state are you in? Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way -A you do not have enough post yet for me to send you a PM, but if you can PM please do I want to explain something that may help
  6. Prayers! That’s so great! This job is yours! Claim it!!
  7. AbbeyR

    Formal Charges Filed

    I'm sorry to hear that. You can report that guy to the BON and if you can show that you went to your DON he could be held accountable for his behavior.
  8. AbbeyR

    Formal Charges Filed

    You should not have felt like you had to resign, you should go back to your HR and explain the harassment. Based on what I read on the forum it’s really difficult to get a job with restrictions or probation or in a monitoring program. I’m going to be in a similar situation as you and I just want to be able to work!
  9. AbbeyR

    Formal Charges Filed

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Have you been working or are currently looking for work? When your employer reported to the BON did you take a UA or hair test?
  10. Peace Love & Light!
  11. AbbeyR

    I’m being investigated by the BON!

    Any updates on your situation?
  12. AbbeyR

    No diagnosis after drug assessment

    I researched that one of the formal complaints in the class action lawsuit against former participants was that HPRP is actually suppose to provide their clients with the entire list of evaluators but were only offering 3 and no more. Internal memos from the uppers in management tell their case workers to not tell them they have more choices were in the Lawsuit. it’s program I will not want to enter voluntarily. I can see how this is a good choice when you end up with no other choice if you want to keep your license. As someone mentioned it’s like “making a deal with the devil”. I hope you do not have to join. and have a positive outcome with your situation.
  13. AbbeyR

    No diagnosis after drug assessment

    @KatEverly I am not in the program. The lawyer that has been advising me told me to complete a evaluation to help support my case since my hair follicle test came back negative. I am wanting to prove to the BON my allegations are med errors and not diversion. I haven’t even been referred and I’m so stressed by reading all these post. God bless you for going through that program b/ c it seems like a nightmare
  14. AbbeyR

    HR wants meeting or report me to BON

    I took a follicle test per the advice of the lawyer. It’s negative. Not sure it that’s going to help but it’s validation I was not under the influence.
  15. AbbeyR

    No diagnosis after drug assessment

    Are you able to still work? if so that seems doable.
  16. AbbeyR

    HR wants meeting or report me to BON

    Unfortunately the damage is done. The less than handful of co-workers that still talk to me have informed me of outrageous rumors. People talk, it’s out of my control. My focus is finding resolution and being allowed to continue working as a nurse. We are human and makes mistakes. I will fight for my license I worked so hard for. There have been many issues with the narcotics safe practice standards and I wrote about in my statement which the manager was aware of and nothing done. I have become their scapegoat and they want to see me burn before taking any accountability.

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