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AbbeyR has 25 years experience as a ADN, BSN.

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  1. Florida IPN saga continues

    Get another job asap. Show you have a god track record with your new job. It takes months for the BON to launch an investigation. Don't smoke any weed even if on vacation where it's legal. They could test your hair and that can show 3 months worth of...
  2. Nurses licensed in Canada &USA

    Thank you for the reply!
  3. Nurses licensed in Canada &USA

    Hi, Does anyone have dual licenses in Canada and the USA and have been disciplined? Can the BON in the USA contact the Canadian BON and report any issues?!
  4. In the beginning I hired a lawyer who asked for $3500 which I paid, they nickeled and dimed me for everything then wanted more when the initial retainer was spent. Told me I’d never get my diversion charges dropped. So I fired my Lawyer and reached o...
  5. HPRP help

    I wouldn’t say anything, it might not be positive. Wait and see
  6. What to expect substance abuse/mental health eval

    Hey! I had my eval last week. I had waste discrepancies and my charge with the state BON was dismissed but part of my consent agreement was to get an eval, I’m in MI their monitoring program is similar to FL. It was actually pretty generic, my drug t...
  7. So I was able to have my diversion charge dismissed! But since my administrative complaint involved narcotics I am required to have a substance/ mental health eval, can anyone please give advice to what that ask?
  8. HPRP evaluation, advice needed please

    Call/ text me! 248-266-1302
  9. That’s so great!! Congratulations ?
  10. I ended up firing my lawyer and negotiated a better deal with my States Assistant Attorney General. It honestly depends of the situation. Pm me if you wanna chat!
  11. HPRP evaluation, advice needed please

    DO NOT voluntary self report to hprp. Once you do, they own your life. Instead, get a substance abuse eval done to prove you do not have a problem. You can PM me I’m also in MI
  12. Accused of diversion in VA - Need guidance

    Open a credit card, do what ever you can to prove you don’t have drugs in your system. You don’t want to end up in monitoring.
  13. You will learn to let go of the shame that comes with the situation, but this does not have to be career ending. It will get better ❤️‍?
  14. Diversion

    Keep working. Smart to get a drug test. Do not self report to a monitoring program. The BON isn’t definitely not your friend. Also, do let your lawyer scare you into keep paying them. I ended firing my lawyer b/c they weren’t willing to fight my dive...
  15. It just should be a reminder that you are not friends with co-worker, but just that. I was accused of diversion, and literally 2 nurses reached out to me after I’d been working there almost 5 years. My charges were dismissed and I’ll never befriend a...

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