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AbbeyR has 22 years experience as a ADN, BSN.

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  1. AbbeyR

    TNPAP Right or Wrong?

    I am so unbelievably sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately with the mental health history you are going to be stuck in the monitoring program if you want to work as a nurse. I would definitely fight to continue to stay on your prescription medication. But I’ve read on this forum it’s difficult. Do you have a criminal conviction as well? If you are able to keep your job by signing the monitoring contract that might be a good thing and 2 years is very short compared to other States, the avg is 5.
  2. I have been reported to the BON in Texas and it is for patient misconduct. Please help with information. Is it possible to still work after this? I know the BON is brutal and this is completely devastating to me. What is the process. Are you currently working?

  3. Hey do you knw the panel for a hair follicle test ? For nurse monitoring ?

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    2. Nursenurse45


      Any products yu recommend to bleach it with ?

    3. AbbeyR

      AbbeyR, ADN, BSN

      Im have long hair and usually wear my hair blonde. I went to Sally’s used a bleach powder with a 30 volume lift. I passed my test. Go to a local head shop and get the a detox shampoo too! I bleached and stripped my hair for two weeks before testing 

    4. Nursenurse45


      I don’t have that much time , but imma bleach it anyway .. thanks your the bomb ! 

  4. AbbeyR

    Accused of diversion in Ohio

    Agreed. Depending on the amount that is missing they may say you were selling. Usually from what I’ve read on discipline reports though, the police are called right away. do you have any ideal what’s missing?
  5. AbbeyR

    May be reported ?

    Major hospital systems will report positive pre-employment tests to their state BON. I’d tell him to stay 100% clean, b/c when they do investigate they will for such drug test again
  6. AbbeyR

    reported to board

    I’d ask your CM. What about a doctors office, Red Cross, I know lots of plasma centers are opening up for covid antibody treatments.
  7. I’ve been looking on my States BON website (Michigan) to see if you can ever have a discipline removed and can’t find anything. I’ve seen that Texas recently passed legislation to have certain items removed and wanted to get others feedback on their state or a good place to research
  8. Looking for your help 😞 In Michigan got a referral to HPRP. Should I just say *** it and throw in my license? I’ve heard it’s horrible. I’m not an addict. IDK why my profile won’t let me post on here or get comments back so I figured I’d post directly to you

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    2. AbbeyR

      AbbeyR, ADN, BSN

      Did they suspend your license?

    3. AbbeyR

      AbbeyR, ADN, BSN

      Did they suspend your license?

    4. Questions2020


      No but if I don’t do HPRP I’m sure they will

  9. AbbeyR

    Accused of diversion

    Agreed. I am only speaking of my personal situation and I choose to do the drug testing to prove I am not impaired myself and safe to practice
  10. AbbeyR

    Accused of diversion

    Would having this on your license cause you to have your license suspended for xx amount of time? Does your current employer know about your allegations? So I was able to get a job a few weeks after mine terminated me and I had been there for 8 months when my manager called me in their office and asked me if I was aware there was a formal complaint against my license so obviously I couldn’t lie. I was upfront to a fault without all the details but asked if I was going to have to give HR any documentation and would I need to provide anything to show I’m not using illegal substances. I was told to continue to be diligent with charting when in comes to narcotics( we use a Pyxis now, my old employer used paper charting) now if I end up having the BON “ convict” me I am required to inform them, and they could possibly let me go. We are a union hospital so at least I’d have a rep so I might get some support. Ultimately, if you had a mark on your license but could still work would you accept that outcome?
  11. AbbeyR

    Accused of diversion

    I hired a lawyer that only represents licensed medical professionals. I had my interview in Aug with an investigator. I submitted my response to allegations with proof of negative hair follicle tests and documentation to support my case in Nov. now I am waiting for compliance conference. It has been exactly 1 year since my former employer reported me. I am hoping I have at least 6-9 months before I hear back from the the BON so I can continue to work and prove I am safe to practice
  12. AbbeyR

    Finished in OHIO!!

    Congratulations! OH is a very strict state for monitoring! What type of nursing are you doing now?!
  13. AbbeyR

    moving from FL to NY

    You might have to complete your IPN contract before you can move. I’d reach out to Chapman law in FL they are also in my state for some advice!
  14. Definitely talk to a lawyer. Unfortunately by volunteering to sign a contract they’ll hold you to it and if you try to leave before that you’ll most likely be reported to your State BON for non compliance
  15. AbbeyR

    I completed the program!

    Congratulations!! We’re you working as a nurse while on probation? And if so, how did your employer treat you?
  16. AbbeyR

    Hair follicle

    I’m not in a monitoring program or probation, I’m just submitting them to my BON to show I’m not unsafe or have drug hx. I’ve read if you have “inconclusive” urine, blood or hair with a program it may be an issue