What to expect substance abuse/mental health eval


So I was able to have my diversion charge dismissed! But since my administrative complaint involved narcotics I am required to have a substance/ mental health eval, can anyone please give advice to what that ask? 


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Search my posts! I asked the same question and another member answered and the eval turned out to be pretty much what she wrote back. My eval ended up requiring me to go to residential treatment for 8 weeks. It was quite the blow, but by the time the 8 weeks were done, I felt grateful and felt like it was a great investment in myself. Any idea where you are going for the eval? 

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Hey! I had my eval last week. I had waste discrepancies and my charge with the state BON was dismissed but part of my consent agreement was to get an eval, I’m in MI their monitoring program is similar to FL. It was actually pretty generic, my drug tests have always been clean since two years ago when this all happened, I just hear horror stories of programs