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  1. RueTrue

    MD nurse license renewal after voluntary rehab stay

    Did there end up being a question on the renewal for you to check? I have a friend in the same position.
  2. RueTrue

    Drop your monthly testing average here please.

    Wow! I’ve had 4 tests so far, 3 of them have been specialty. 2 urine, 1 blood. Been in LESS than a month.
  3. RueTrue

    Positive PETH at evaluation...

    Wow. I’m surprised no one responded to this, what was the outcome of your false positive peth test??
  4. RueTrue

    PEth test

    I had someone comment that they got blood tested about once every 3 months, give or take.
  5. RueTrue


    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to write all of this out for me. I really appreciate it. At this point I’m not even sure that I want to be a nurse anymore, I haven’t worked as an RN in 2 years (we have a family business), ...
  6. RueTrue


    My cost is $2,800 as well, I am staying at the facility and it’s 4 days of testing. Can you recall if the hair follicle test checked for alcohol? Or was was that done on the blood test or urine? I won’t have any drugs show up in hair for th...
  7. RueTrue


    Oh wow! This is extremely helpful. Thank you!
  8. Hey Y’all! I haven’t been in the monitoring program very long and I’m tryIng to get an idea on what I need to budget for testing. I recently had 2 tests in 3 day, with one being a specialty test that was pricey. Now I haven’t had to test in alm...
  9. RueTrue


    Hi all, has anyone had to complete an inpatient multi-disciplinary evaluation at a treatment facility to determine what type of monitoring is needed? Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you!
  10. RueTrue

    Recovery Trek test results

    Hi all! I recently pulled a “specialty test”, observed urine option. I saw my urine get picked up by FedEx as the driver came right as I was wrapping up testing. This was on Monday the 23rd. It is now Saturday the 28th and I still haven’t seen any...
  11. RueTrue

    VA HPMP legal

    Will criminal charges be filed against me is what I was trying to ask. It has been almost 2 years since diversion and I’ve never heard any mention of possible criminal charges.
  12. RueTrue

    VA HPMP legal

    Hi all! Glad to have this platform! I have a question for anyone who that has had to go through HPMP in VA. I have a consent order that says if I enroll in HPMP that no action will be taken. My question is, if I don’t want to go through HPMP, will I ...
  13. RueTrue


    Hi! Have you had your hearing yet? I would think if you explained the circumstances, they will let you continue with the HPMP program and work towards being able to practice again.
  14. RueTrue

    False positive urine

    Wow, this has been a difficult read as I am newly in the VAHPMP. I drink 1 - 1.25 gallons of water a day and I’m terrified of a dilute test, now I have false positives to worry about?!?! I hope I have half as much grace as you have shown here dealing...