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Hello all! :)

Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Michelle and am 30 yrs old. I just got my letter today saying I was accepted into the 2 yr RN :nurse: program this Fall of 2004. I'm excited. I'm a married mother of a boy, 4 yrs old, and a girl, 22 months. I work full time at a hospital in the Information Systems department giving computer desk help and other stuff.

I got most of the classes I can take now out of the way except for A&P I and A&P II. Though in the summer I'll take A&P I.

Looking forward on getting to know you all.



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Welcome! May all your dreams come true.

maire, ASN, RN

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Welcome, Shell! Visit and post often!


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I'm starting a 2-year nursing program in the fall also, but not sure which school yet. I have two acceptances, but a lot of soul-searching to figure out where I'll fit in best.

I need just 3 pre-req's also - A&P 1 and 2,and Microbio. It feels good going in where I can almost specifically concentrate on nursing classes!

You'll find everyone here to be great sources of support and information. I've learned a lot already.


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Congratulations!!!! Welcome to the board!!!

Fatima (who won't know of her acceptance until June 15th)

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Welcome Shell and congrats on your acceptance! It's a long journey that seems to go by really fast. Good luck!

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Welcome. Nice to meet you.

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Hello Shell ! :)

Hope you find this site to be a help to you... jump right in and make yourself at home.

Wish you the very best in your endeavors !


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welcome and congratulations!


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I see that you going to be joining me in the class of 06'.


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Welcome! You will love nursing school, you will hate it, you will laugh, you will cry, but you will love every minute of it. Good luck. This board is wonderful for questions, opinions, and support. Good luck.

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